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31 October 2007

ATTENTION: Fellow Bloggers

Inviting fellow Nuffnangers & to exchange links with my blog.
(Coz I Lost all my links while replacing my old blogskin... =x)

>>Kindly leave a TAG or COMMENT with your NICKNAME+URL<<
I'll update my link list asap.

Thanks (",)

Oh btw,
I have a page rank of 2/10 from
(Screenshot below)

Page rank of = TWO
page rank of = ZERO

weird isnt it?


eStee said...

Link me!

Estee teo @

Anonymous said...

Link me too!

Cris Lim aka the young businessman @

khairul neezam said...

Link me baby!!! Help each other!

khairul neezam said...

sorry,, forgot to include my site it's at

HighwayBlogger said...

Link exchange pls!

HighwayBlogger @
This is a PR4 blog.

I have a PR6 blog but sorry I can't do a link exchange from that one.

mekurukito said...

hi! i'm a nuffnanger too. let's exchange links hehe.

Nana ~

thanks :D

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