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05 October 2007

Weird Visitors

Screenshot from Nuffnang analytics a few days ago:

I know Bao visits my blog fr Aust, but Philippines & Iran??

2day's statistics: USA & Malta??
Malta? Isit the one that produces malt for our holic? =P

Kenneth & moJO wonder how accurate it can be...

Weird searches ppl did which led em to my blog:

Someone googled for "batam" in friendster:

Dunno which idiot googled for "happy birthday daughter" (-_-)"

I dun understand why my blog is top of the list for "RGS squash" =S

"vertu replica", handphone + ferrari enthusiast i guess?

Super-walled Bao, Sya & Daughter with a graffiti quiz...

WRONG! pls try again...
can Sya & Bao tell the stubborn girl the answer?

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