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24 October 2009

Restaurant City Tips & Tricks

Restaurant City Tips & Tricks

find out how to clean toilet & repair arcade machines without a Janitor! (read on)

  1. For beginners, focus on bringing one dish per category to level 10, as each level 1 dish consumed earns you 1.0 Gourmet point; while a level 10 dish earns you 2.8 Gourmet points!

  2. As you level up, your restaurant gets larger and you will be able to serve more dishes!

  3. Earn coins by clicking on trees, both around your restaurant and your friends'. They are automatically reset every time you exit and enter a restaurant.

  4. Be rewarded by clearing up pieces of thrash. Simply left-click on a thrash and you will be rewarded with 1 coin & 1 Gourmet point!

  5. To prevent ratings from dropping when your entire crew is resting, simply remove the door, or place an item in front of it (e.g. stove, trophy)

  6. All stoves cook at the same rate.

  7. Make a holding area for your customers with sofa/chairs, this will buy you some time to clean up the empty dishes

  8. Golden Ratio - 5:3:0, 5 Chefs to 3 Waiters to 0 Janitors. See the next tip

  9. To clean toilets or repair arcade machines without a janitor, simply enter Redecorate mode, remove the items, place them back again and click on the big green tick ;P

  10. A worker with 100% health will last approximately 3 hours before collapsing in exhaustion

  11. Growing your own ingredient by planting a seed will result in a random ingredient (bayleaf, garlic, coriander, oregano, ginger, wasabi, tea, leave, vanilla, sugar, basil etc.)

  12. Missing out on free ingredients from the daily quiz? Get Download the free Restaurant City Quiz Helper with all the answers here

  13. Unable to handle the massive stream of customers? Try distracting them with arcade machines. Each customer earns you 1 coin and 1 Gourmet point, breaks down after every 5 usages.

  14. Janitors, previously known simply as Cleaners, can wash toilets as well as repairing arcade machines.

  15. Buying decorative items do not boost or increase your restaurant rating

  16. Resale value of an item is 50% its original price

  17. Smiley faces represents a workers' speed and efficiency, they work best at over 80% health

11 October 2009

Singtel Unveils Barclay Premier League Price Plan

SingTel today unveiled its price plans for the Barclays Premier League, which it won the rights to for three years from August 2010.

Watching the Barclays Premier League matches will cost $23 (excluding GST) per month and this plan will include all 380 Premier League matches. This also includes one high-definition set-top box.

In addition, customers who sign a one-year plan will enjoy the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League at no additional cost till May 2011.

Mr Allen Lew, SingTel's CEO Singapore, said: "We have promised football fans that they will not be charged more than what they have been paying their cable operator. And we are delivering on our promise - in fact, watching the Barclays Premier League matches will cost them almost 60 per cent less."

"We look forward to making our services available to all Singaporeans and football fans island-wide by the start of the new Barclays Premier League season next year," added Mr Lew.


05 October 2009

HK + Macau Good Food Trip 2009: Day 6

back to Hong Kong, back to 中環 (Central),
check-in at the boutique hotel known as Mingle by the Wing..

room's freaking small, but clean & well equipped,
plus train station is just 50m away!

Kenneth figuring out how to use the hi-tech system.

Apparently you can also control lighting, air-con from the tv remote,
plus there are hundreds of movies available (for free) at your finger tips!

Last on our Must-Eat list: 蛇王芬

Snake Soup!

with so many newspaper & magazine cuttings all over the wall, we didn't know what to order!

i asked the waiter uncle what's the restaurant's specialty dish, he laughed & tell me EVERYTHING on the menu are special!

i decided on something you can't find in Singapore: 潤腸羊肉煲仔飯
somebody please help me with translation...

5 out of 5 for 蛇王芬 (Ser Wong Fun)

Address: 中環閣麟街30號地下

no reservations allowed, cash only & be ready to queue for seats =)

Australia Diary Co.,
we travelled all the way to Jordan for desserts

earlier this year, Kenneth had this double boiled milk stuff for dessert..

not bad, but too sweet for my liking...

rushing to the airport the next day...

Hong Kong airport's Popeye is $$$!

my last meal in HK.

good food, i miss u~


HK + Macau Good Food Trip 2009: Day 5

cheap cafes surrounds the hotel, now i know why - for the bankrupt overnights

took a cab down to the edge of Macau...

the bakery, Kenneth insisted on coming here

for the famous Portuguese egg tarts after seeing Cerlyn's facebook...

the bakery has 2 cafes, just walking distance away from the bakery...

Kenneth had some sandwich...

& i ordered a very filling homemade meat pie with baked potatoes...

the bakery's other cafe...

one dozen egg tarts on its way to Singapore~

Crown, Hyatt & Hard Rock combined & labeled themselves as City of Dreams..

Alliance seems to be the best option when you are fighting against the majestic Venetian

some free show in the hotel premise...

trying to convince us that the casino is built around some ancient dragon emperor's pearl, bla bla bla...

Hard Rock hotel, just 3 months old...

a very sheek place to be...


home of over 70,000 artifacts

we didn't know there's a rooftop swimming pool till we checked out

that's it for my 2D1N stay @ Macau...

to be continued...

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