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29 April 2008

3DMark Vantage Catalyst Hotfix Download

3DMark Vantage Catalyst Hotfix Download

ATI has released a Catalyst hotfix for bug fixes & performance enhancements for existing Radeon owners. The following are cards officially supported:

  • Radeon™ HD3870 series
  • Radeon™ HD3850 series
  • Radeon™ HD3600 series
  • Radeon™ HD3400 series
  • Radeon™ HD2900 series
  • Radeon™ HD2600 series
  • Radeon™ HD2400 series

  • Download 3DMark Vantage Catalyst Hotfix:

    Windows Vista 32-bit (41.2MB)

    Windows Vista 64-bit (54.5MB)

    Click here if the above links do not work.

    25 April 2008

    Now 煮炒 got delivery service!

    Only S$1 per order... & what's 煮炒 in English?

    (Sorry for the blurry picture, I think my camera lens is scratched)

    Now even 煮炒 stall also got delivery. The good thing is that the delivery fee is only S$1. This is more economical when ordering small quantities of food, vis-à-vis McDelivery &'s S$3 delivery charge.

    In my opinion, they should have a website to showcase their menu & delivery areas.

    Oh btw, what's 煮炒 in English? Google Translator gave me "cook speculation" (-_-)"

    24 April 2008

    Radeon HD4850 HD4870 (RV770) Specifications

    Radeon HD4850 HD4870 (RV770) Specifications

    (image from

    RV770XT RV770PRO RV770PRO
    Product Name
    HD4870 HD4850 HD 4850 GDDR3
    Process 55 nm 55 nm 55 nm
    Core Clock
    850 MHz 650 MHz 650 MHz
    Shader Clock
    1050 MHz 850 MHz 850 MHz
    Memory Clock
    1935 MHz 1728 MHz 1143 MHz
    Stream Processors
    480 480 480
    TMUs 32 32 32
    ROPs 16 16 16
    FLOPs 1008 GFlops 816 GFlops 816 GFlops
    Fill Rate
    27.200 MT/s 20.800 MT/s 20.800 MT/s
    Memory Bus Width
    256-bit 256-bit 256-bit
    Memory Size
    1 GB
    512 MB 256 MB
    512 MB
    Memory Type
    Memory Bandwidth
    123.8 GB/s 110.5 GB/s 73.2 GB/s
    TDP 150W 110W 110W
    MSPR $349* $269* TBA
    Release May 2008 May 2008 TBA
    *currency is in USD

    Source: Hardware-Infos

    23 April 2008

    S$0.10 goes to Charity for every PONG/NANG on this post

    What to do with the Nuffnang Ad Band-22 money? The best idea I can think of is giving some back to the society..

    So, for every Innit's Nang or's Pong, S$0.10 will be donated to charity (including my own). The total number of Nangs + Pongs after 24-hours will be recorded.

    e.g. (100 Nangs + 100 Pongs) x $0.10
    = 200 x $0.10
    = S$20

    • The upper-limit will be the Band-22 amount, not affected by Nuffnang's $1 admin fee
    • Donation will be made after the Nuffnang cheque has been received & paid
    • Donation will be paid in cash to any McDonald outlet's donation box
    • Donation process will be videotaped & posted as evidence

    Do let me know if there are any other local charity organizations that accepts Paypal, coz I don't have a credit card nor GIRO nor eNets nor a checking account. =)

    Champions League: Liverpool vs Chelsea

    UEFA Champions League Semi-Final 1st Leg: Liverpool vs Chelsea

    (image from

    First leg of the UEFA Champions League semi-finals between the 2 Premier League giants. Liverpool practically dominated the entire match, waves after waves of attacks. Chelsea defended nervously & failed to create any decent scoring chances. Drogba was denied a penalty when Carragher's missed sliding tackle brought down the Chelsea striker instead. Kuyt went on to score 2 minutes before half time as a result of Makelele's defensive error.

    In the second half, Riise came on to replace the injured Aurelio. The Blues were practically defending the whole time, their attacks did little to threaten Reina's goal. Then in the very last few seconds of injury time, Riise's turned a harmless cross into an extremely unlucky own goal, giving Chelsea the precious away goal. Well, it's not the first time Riise scored an own goal this year. Looks like Chelsea is going to Moscow~ & I can't wait to watch tomorrow's Barca vs ManU match!!

    Final score: Liverpool 1 - 1 Chelsea

    21 April 2008

    NUFFNANG AD BAND 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ever wonder how much Band-22 pays?

    I see some people got Band 6,7 can start hao lian & teaching others how to blog already. So I guess I have earned myself a bit of bragging rights too yea? =P

    Remember this post which I showed the incoming ad email & some of my blog's statistics?
    Well, here's the answer to an average of 1200 uniques/day (or 1199 if you wanna be exact):

    Band 22

    (Take note that Nuffnang assigns the band the week before the ad campaign begins)

    The exact amount is censored because I don't think I'm allowed to disclose it.
    But I can tell you its in the SGD$70+ range, so that's over $10/day.

    How does "a cash-out per ad" sounds? =P

    For those in the Forever-Band-1-Club, I've got a four-letter word for you: QUIT
    (Don't if you are a primary school student!)

    Edit: Oops! Think I caused some misunderstanding over here: Quit the band1 club & move on to a higher level, not quit blogging!

    Nope, I'm not giving any how-to-get-band-22-tips, I've got 1 simple advice for you:
    Don't let the nasty/malicious comments stop you =)

    If you wanna exchange links, please leave your (nick)name + URL as comment (not tagboard).
    Thanks for reading.

    Happy Birthday to Seb

    After collecting my prize for NAPFA test, meet them @ IMM Cartel for dinner..

    Hi Seb, long time no see...

    They ordered some gigantic 5-person party platter meal...


    Oh, & that extra I dunno what her name is... LOL

    Before these idiots go order waffles or some cake, I had the waiter bring out the cake we've secretly smuggled in earlier on... =P

    Seb was so touched that he started crying... (not over the cake pls)

    Somehow the cake was tough as a rock...

    The reason why this post is much delayed,
    took the pics & refuse to send us or post them online!

    Which idiot 偷拍 me?

    Group photo...

    Went Daiso & someone suggested trying to look upskirt this model (-_-)"

    20 April 2008

    This DVD will self-destruct in 48-hours

    Imaginary James Bond gadget no more, it's a reality...

    "A German company has introduced a disposable DVD that can be viewed for 48 hours, then thrown away. The DVDs will sell for just $6.44.

    So, it's about the same price as a new video rental in Europe - and it used to be about the same price as in the US, before the Mighty Dollar shrank into the Pygmy Dollar. But there are no late fees and no need to pop the disk in the post or return to the store. This opens up DVD distribution possibilities for new premium-priced movie releases - in petrol stations, convenience stores, coffee shops and the like, as well as online retailers - as there is no longer the need to book the DVDs back in. That's the idea. Will it work?

    DVD-D Germany Ltd's 'Einmal' (German for 'once') - discs incorporate a self-destruct chemical coating to render them unreadable after a pre-set time. The process begins as soon as the discs are removed from vacuum-sealed packaging. After 48 hours (or longer, depending on the price) the DVD gives a 'No disc' error when put into a DVD player or PC. There appears to be no DRM (digital rights management), so you could copy the disks, if you're quick enough..."

    Full story: Register Hardware

    19 April 2008

    FREE PC Game Download: TrackMania Nation Forever

    FREE TrackMania Nation Forever Download

    Yes, you read it correctly, free download of TrackMania Nationa Forever PC game (503.9MB). The game offers a new version of the Stadium environment, a solid solo mode & 65 brand new tracks. You can download from one of the mirrors below:





    18 April 2008

    HELP!! Com got Error...

    See the screenshot below...

    NO Keyboard Detected!
    Press F1 to Resume

    edit: Ahhh!! I didn't read the first line, no wonder whatever button I pressed, nothing happened... Plug the keyboard usb back, now ok liao...

    They should put this instead: "NO Keyboard Detected, please make sure it is plugged in!"

    17 April 2008

    ATI AMD Mobility Radeon 8.4 Download

    ATI AMD Mobility Radeon 8.4 Download

    Graphics technologies supported
    • ATI Mobility Radeon™ X1800 XT
    • ATI Mobility Radeon™ X1800
    • ATI Mobility Radeon™ X1600
    • ATI Mobility Radeon™ X1400
    • ATI Mobility Radeon™ X1300
    • ATI Mobility Radeon™ X800 XT
    • ATI Mobility Radeon™ X800
    • ATI Mobility Radeon™ X700
    • ATI Mobility Radeon™ X600
    • ATI Mobility Radeon™ X300
    • ATI Mobility Radeon™ 9800
    • ATI Mobility Radeon™ 9700 series
    • ATI Mobility Radeon™ 9600 series

    Install at your own risk
    Download Mobility Radeon 8.4 (30.8MB)

    Release note can be found here:

    16 April 2008

    Masturbation Reduces Risk of Cancer

    They say cancer-causing chemicals could build up in the prostate if men do not ejaculate regularly.

    And they say sexual intercourse may not have the same protective effect because of the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted infection, which could increase men's cancer risk.

    Australian researchers questioned over 1,000 men who had developed prostate cancer and 1,250 who had not about their sexual habits.

    They found those who had ejaculated the most between the ages of 20 and 50 were the least likely to develop the cancer.

    The protective effect was greatest while the men were in their 20s.

    Men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life.

    Full story:

    Core2Duo E8200 E8400 E8500 Gaming Performance Review Part3

    Part 1: Specifications & Test Platform
    Part 2: Crysis & World in Conflict
    Part 3: Power Consumption

    Power Consumption

    For the sake of consistency, they had extra cooling fans removed, except for the CPU cooler. Corsair XMS2 8500C5 Dominator memory and Nvidia GeForce 8800 Ultra were used in both systems.

    On both boards, BIOS settings returned to default settings. AMD Cool'&'Quiet and Intel EIST/C1E states were enabled.

    AMD's "Turbo mode" was left enabled, because disabling it cripples Phenom performance by massively increasing memory latency (~135-150ns versus ~65ns), although it greatly increases the energy efficiency of the Phenom.

    What can I say? The load power consumption of E8200, E8400 & E8500 is merely 189W, 191W & 196W respectively. This simply proves not only that the Wolfdales are faster, but they consumes less power as well (as compared to the 65nm counterparts). If you are a gamer or an overclocker, E8400 is definitely your weapon of choice.


    Part 1: Specifications & Test Platform
    Part 2: Crysis & World in Conflict
    Part 3: Power Consumption

    Core2Duo E8200 E8400 E8500 Gaming Performance Review Part2

    Part 1: Specifications & Test Platform
    Part 2: Crysis & World in Conflict
    Part 3: Power Consumption

    Test Result

    Crysis with the latest 1.21 patch installed, running in 64-bit & DirectX mode.

    E8500 takes the lead in Crysis. Surprisingly, E6750 seems to do just as good as the E8200. Clock speed & L2 seems to be the winning formula here. Q6600, Q6700 & the Phenoms aren't doing very well here.

    World in Conflict

    This is tested based on the retail copy with the 1.007 patch installed, which includes some bug fixes & performance enhancement under DirectX 10.

    World in Conflict gave the quad cores a slight advantage here. At lower resolution, the E8000 series beats all competitors. Unfortunately, the Phenom X4s are still nowhere near the Conroes, let alone the Wolfdales.

    Part 1: Specifications & Test Platform
    Part 2: Crysis & World in Conflict
    Part 3: Power Consumption

    Core2Duo E8200 E8400 E8500 Gaming Performance Review Part1

    Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 E8400 & E8500 Gaming Performance Review

    Intel recently refreshed their Core 2 Duo line up with Wolfdales made from the 45nm Hi-K metal gate process. The most notable changes will be the 50% boost in L2 cache, from 4MB to 6MB. These new models are made to run faster & yet consume less power than their 65nm predecessors. Besides, the Wolfdales are great overclockers too, many managed to hit 4Ghz easily on air cooling.

    E8400 is retailing for $220, while a Phenom X4 9600 is retailing for $210 (prices from In this extract of the original review, we will be focusing at the gaming performance of various processors.


    Clock Speed 2.66/3.0/3.16 GHz
    FSB 1333 MHz
    Socket LGA775
    Process 45nm Hi-K
    TDP 65W
    Features SSE4.1, EIST, EM64T, XD, VT
    L2 Cache
    6MB shared
    Service & Support 3-years limited warranty (box)

    Test Platform

    Intel components:
    • 2GB dual channel DDR2-800 4-4-4-12-2T
    • DFI LANParty LT X48 T2R
    AMD components:
    • 2x1GB dual channel DDR2-1066 5-5-5-15-2T (Phenom),
    • 2x1GB dual channel DDR2-800 4-4-4-12-2T (Athlon X2)
    • Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe
    Shared components:
    • Nvidia GeForce 8800Ultra 768MB
    • Seagate 7200.10 160GB 7200RPM SATA 3Gbps
    • PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750W PSU
    • Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit
    • DirectX 10.1
    • Nvidia Forceware 165.25
    • Intel INF 8.3.0

    • Core2Quad Q6700 - 2.67GHz, 2x4MB L2, 1066MHz FSB, 65nm Kentsfield
    • Core2Quad Q6600 - 2.40GHz, 2x4MB L2, 1066MHz FSB, 65nm Kentsfield

    • Core2Duo E8500 - 3.16GHz, 2x6MB L2, 1333MHz FSB, 45nm Wolfdale
    • Core2Duo E8400 - 3.00GHz, 2x6MB L2, 1333MHz FSB, 45nm Wolfdale
    • Core2Duo E8200 - 2.66GHz, 2x6MB L2, 1333MHz FSB, 45nm Wolfdale

    • Core2Duo E6850 - 3.00GHz, 4MB L2, 1333MHz FSB, 65nm Conroe
    • Core2Duo E6750 - 2.67GHz, 4MB L2, 1333MHz FSB, 65nm Conroe
    • Core2Duo E6550 - 2.40GHz, 4MB L2, 1333MHz FSB, 65nm Conroe

    • Core2Duo E4500 - 2.20GHz, 2MB L2, 800MHz FSB, 65nm Allendale

    • Phenom X4 9500 - 2.2GHz, 2MB L3, 4x512KB L2, 1.8GHz HTT/NB, 65nm Agena
    • Phenom X4 9600 Black Edition - 2.3GHz, 2MB L3, 4x512KB L2, 1.8GHz HTT/NB, 65nm Agena

    • Athlon64 X2 6400+ - 3.20GHz, 2x1MB L2, 1.0GHz HTT, 90nm Windsor
    • Athlon64 X2 6000+ - 3.0GHz, 2x1MB L2, 1.0GHz HTT, 90nm Windsor

    Part 1: Specifications & Test Platform
    Part 2: Crysis & World in Conflict
    Part 3: Power Consumption

    14 April 2008

    XFX GeForce 9800GX2 & 9800GTX Black Edition

    XFX recently announced two limited edition factory overclocked cards added to their GeForce 9 line up. They are the 9800 GX2 and 9800 GTX Black Edition. Both cards will be bundled with Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed.


    Product Name9800 GX2
    9800 GTX
    Core G92-450G92-420
    Process 65 nm65nm
    Transistors 2x 754 million
    754 million
    Core/Shader 700/1700
    Stream Processors 2x 128
    Memory Bus Width 2x 256-bit
    Memory Bandwidth 134.4GB/s
    Memory Size 1GB
    Texture Filtering Rate 87.04 GigaTexels/sec48.64 GigaTexels/sec
    DirectX Support DirectX 10 DirectX 10
    PCI-E Interface PCI-Express 2.0PCI-Express 2.0


    XFX GeForce 9800 GTX 512MB DDR3 Black Edition (PV-T98F-YDB4)

    XFX GeForce 9800 GX2 1.0GB DDR3 Black Edition (PV-T98U-ZHB9)

    StreetDirectory is back online

    The 37th most popular site in Singapore (according to Alexa), is back online.

    But there's a problem -- the maps are EMPTY...

    (empty maps)

    (mrt/bus guide not working) has been my good friend for years. Even during my internship, we relied heavily on it for leads & directions to the client's company. No choice but to opt for other alternatives. I tried SBSTransit Journey Planner, but they don't even have my destination street name in their database!

    I dunno wassup with the lawsuit thing, I just hope it can go back to "normal" asap. And people seem to enjoy suing each other these days. Anyway, you can read more about it here.

    Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal

    Barclays Premier League Result: Manchester United vs Arsenal

    First half was goalless. 3min into the second half, a close range header from Adebayor gave Arsenal the lead. Then, Ronaldo scored the penalty thanks to Gallas' unfortunate handball. Manchester United was awarded a free kick at 72min. Everybody's eyes were on Ronaldo. Hargreaves came on & put the ball into the net, leaving Lehmann stunned.

    Final score: Manchester United 2 Arsenal 1

    Manchester United is not 9 points over Arsenal with 80 points, and 6 point over Chelsea whom played one game short. Looks like ManU will definitely win the Premier League this season.

    13 April 2008

    Vertu clones from China

    Genuine Vertu phone cost as much as S$580,000 (you can buy two 4-room HDB flats with that money), while the similar looking ones from China cost only S$38...

    (€1 = S$2.15, RMB1 = S$0.194

    The real stuff...

    The Made in China replica...

    Tiny, non-touch LCD screen

    Quality seemed to have improved since the Vertu clones back in 2002.

    Basic features like making calls, texting & MP3 ringtones are there.

    Cheap plastic back casing, with a Lamborghini logo at the back,
    the set is complete with a replica Nokia BL-5C battery

    Photos from:

    Similar post: Vertu Ferrari handphone

    Beware of FAKE DFI Motherboards!

    Beware of FAKE DFI Motherboards!

    First it was fake Intel boxed CPU from China,
    then now is fake DFI motherboards from Indonesia...

    Please note that the following unknown sourced and fake DFI motherboards are not manufactured by DFI.

    Fake model 1: MCP73V

    Fake Model 2: MCP68PV

    Full story here:

    Related post: Counterfeit Intel Boxed CPU

    12 April 2008


    This is unbelievable, you gotta see this --


    Nuffnang is actually going to advertise on my blog =D

    (above: Nuffnang Analytics / below: eXtreme Tracking)

    Any idea which band would 1k+ uniques qualify for?

    11 April 2008

    Nike basketball shorts - S$249

    1 pair of Nike basketball shorts --- SGD$249.00!!!

    Took these pics somewhere at Queensway sometime back (see photos)

    Some normal looking bball shorts hanging on the shelves..

    Could it be $24.90?
    But that would be too cheap already right?

    10 April 2008

    GeForce 9500 GT Specifications & Benchmark

    GeForce 9500 GT Specifications & Benchmark

    Nvidia will launch the 9500 GT to replace the 8600 GT in the low-end market in 1H' 08. It will be based on the G96 core with 32 stream processors sitting on a 6-layer PCB. Similar to the 8600GT, the 9500GT features 128-bit memory bus width and can be coupled with either GDDR2 or GDDR3.

    Core G96-300
    Process 65 nm
    Transistors ?
    Core/Shader 550/1375
    GDDR2 900Mhz
    GDDR3 1600Mhz
    Stream Processors 32
    Memory Bus Width 128 bit
    Memory Bandwidth 14.4GB/s (GDDR2)
    25.6GB/s (GDDR3)
    Memory Size 256 MB
    Texture Filtering Rate 8.8 GigaTexels/sec
    DirectX Support DirectX 10
    PCI-E Interface PCI-Express 2.0

    8600 GT vs 9500 GT

    3DMark 06: 16.8% performance gain over the GeForce 8.

    F.E.A.R: 95GT managed to score an average of 7 frames or 15.2% over the 86GT.

    Crysis: Chances are that you wouldn't be eyeing this card if you plan to play this game. Anyway, 9500GT enjoyed a 29.2% performance increase over the 8600GT.

    Source: xtreview, TechConnect

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