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21 April 2008

NUFFNANG AD BAND 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever wonder how much Band-22 pays?

I see some people got Band 6,7 can start hao lian & teaching others how to blog already. So I guess I have earned myself a bit of bragging rights too yea? =P

Remember this post which I showed the incoming ad email & some of my blog's statistics?
Well, here's the answer to an average of 1200 uniques/day (or 1199 if you wanna be exact):

Band 22

(Take note that Nuffnang assigns the band the week before the ad campaign begins)

The exact amount is censored because I don't think I'm allowed to disclose it.
But I can tell you its in the SGD$70+ range, so that's over $10/day.

How does "a cash-out per ad" sounds? =P

For those in the Forever-Band-1-Club, I've got a four-letter word for you: QUIT
(Don't if you are a primary school student!)

Edit: Oops! Think I caused some misunderstanding over here: Quit the band1 club & move on to a higher level, not quit blogging!

Nope, I'm not giving any how-to-get-band-22-tips, I've got 1 simple advice for you:
Don't let the nasty/malicious comments stop you =)

If you wanna exchange links, please leave your (nick)name + URL as comment (not tagboard).
Thanks for reading.


chillycraps said...

congrats to you!

topo said...

whohooo!!! band 22..I just got an incoming ads.. hope that it'll reach a great band hohoho

zє๓ค๔-ﻮคlz said...


WOW, that's sooo rad xD

Hau Yon said...

"For those in the Forever-Band-1-Club, I've got a four-letter word for you: QUIT
(Don't if you are a primary school student!)" quote well, YOU

dude, you had to start from Band 1 too right? Don't tell me you started with band 10 right? Just because you got band 22, don't have to rub it into people's face la. Everyone has to start somewhere right.Get some humility.

Alson said...

Link me please? Leave me a comment too. :D


David Cheong said...

you know i kind of agree with what hau yon said. no matter what even if you have a band 22 it isn't right and polite to just label people who have band 1s like they are some kind of useless can never improve people and ask them to quit.

we all have to start from somewhere, i was pretty happy for you but when that statement came in, instead i felt sad for you.

do continue the good work by the way but next time, do try be a bit more polite please and oh by the way, this ain't flaming.

i don't flame hehe, but do try and think about others first and that my friend is worth alot more than money =)

PS: I love the dvd will self destruct post by the way, damn cool lol =p

Chs said...

hey how did you get to band 22? blog explosion or something?

maybe we could like introduce the people at our blogs to visit each other blogs. so like my visitors could go to yours, and yours mine, which is a win win situation!

3POINT8 said...


Wow! that is alot!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is lacking in personality.Posting third hand news from all over the internet?Anyone can do it.It's just that those in the lower band range is true to themselves and I pretty much admire them for it cause it's their own writing and experience that is attracting readers.Not some third hand news fron the internet.

Just how I feel about it.Sorry but I ain't those 'acting friendly' and asking around for links from people kind of person.

Cab Driver With a 3/10 Google Page Rank said...

Band 22 and all. Your Google Page Rank is at 2/10.

Go figure!

Daph said...

Congrats & thanks for the tip. I'm at

Fird said...


Putera Emas said...

You too need to move on. Quit and buy your own domain and server. Cheers.

julian said...


Anonymous said...

Evolna was rite on.

just looking at all the different post titles disgusted me, 'cos it's very evident what your posting (I refuse to say "blogging", 'cos I think that'd be an insult to the term) aims are, to earn money.


And oh, hav some integrity ppl, are you sure u wanna be linked to such a site?


Marc said...

Congrats to u!

sixxjames said...

hey there! I'm one of those sad cases who get band 2 or 3. but I don't blog for the money so I don't really care. =D

btw, link?

nn said...

woww! band 22. huhu. thats a long way to go for me..

Abang Long said...

Hey guys, I'm new to this thing. I guess I'm Band 1.

By the way, can somebody tell me what is this band all about?

Where can I check the band rating in my nuffnang account?

My blog is
You can msg on my tagboard. Replies are appreciated. Thank you.

- Abang Long

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