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15 August 2008


Singapore beats Korea by 3-2 in Table Tennis Woman's Team category!! A second Olympics medal waiting to be collected in Singapore's history. What a moment, the last time Singapore won a medal was 48-years ago! Well done Singapore!!!

In my opinion, Hong Kong & Singapore are no match for China. So the medal standing will be simple: China (gold), Singapore (silver), Korea (bronze)

for the detailed results, click HERE

Some quotes from my friends:

Kelvin: "sad dat S'pore win, there goes our money (500k)"

Seb: "korea lost one point becoz of the audience isnt it"

Sya: "which Singaporean won't watch (the match)"

DVD: "i dun give a care abt the games"

Karin: "huh? Singapore vs korea for wad thing?"


Some pics from the match:

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