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31 October 2007

ATTENTION: Fellow Bloggers

Inviting fellow Nuffnangers & to exchange links with my blog.
(Coz I Lost all my links while replacing my old blogskin... =x)

>>Kindly leave a TAG or COMMENT with your NICKNAME+URL<<
I'll update my link list asap.

Thanks (",)

Oh btw,
I have a page rank of 2/10 from
(Screenshot below)

Page rank of = TWO
page rank of = ZERO

weird isnt it?

30 October 2007

WORST Ice Teh Award

Dunno which idiot's idea was it to eat SEAFOOD @ QUEENSWAY,
but my gut feeling tells me its either Jianhuiii or Jianhuiii =P

Changed of plan on my way there,
met Seb to eat @ Tanjong Pagar instead...

Ordered an ice teh,
the stall no business yet it took forever to brew 1 mug...

Absolutely disgusting, taste like longkang water,
Seb agreed with me *YUCK*

should really try it before commenting on my blog...

Therefore I decided to present this store:
The WORST Ice Teh Award =)

Found the sperm drink in NTUC...

$0.97!??! The bloody co-op sells $1.50 dammit...

kena conned!!!

29 October 2007

Crysis Demo Download

Crysis Demo Download (1.77GB)

Direct download link (EA Canada server):
(Right-click, "save as")

Official Website:

Some screenshots from my PC:

Intel Core2Quad Q6600
Kingston Hyper-X DDR2-800 CL4 2x512MB
Asus P5B-e Plus 1607BIOS
Forsa 7900GT GDDR3 256MB
XP SP2+DX9+Forceware169.01

(Click to enlarge)

Everything set to "high", the graphics is amazingly detailed,
but the game is slowed down to a powerpoint slideshow =S

Motion blur effect during parachute drop..
Oh btw,I'm running @ 1680x1050

28 October 2007

William Hung's Death Note

I'm aware that hoax of his death from Heroin overdose has been around for more than 3 years.. But this time, its REAL:

"Las Vegas, NV - Kitschy American Idol Star William Hung, famous for his botching of Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs,” was found dead yesterday, apparently of an intentional heroin overdose. The announcement of his death sent shockwaves to the tens of people who still found him funny."

The Las Vegas police released part of his suicide note. It read, “I have no reason of living . . . my art which is my importance to the best everybody laugh to . . . I make end here . . . goodbye world of cruel.”"


27 October 2007

Luxurious BBQ

(Please wait while all the photos are being loaded...)

Our class BBQ tonight over @ the Icon condo in Tanjong Pagar...

The most luxurious BBQ ever held,
a professional chef will be serving us crab, lobster, prime rib, abalone, oyster, sirloin steak etc...

"Not funny lor..."

Ok, let's get back to reality...

Can u believe "Melissa Wong" actually bought this bunch of plastic+air for $10??!?


FYP group Queensway outing...


Debating on whether go to IKEA or hawker centre...


Marco got "poked" by the splinter fr the chopsticks


Ikea chicken wing rox!!! =D


Marco bought cork board,
since he doesnt haf one ;-)


Can u believe Lani doesnt noe wad MUSTARD is??? gosh...


the anti-socials' not going for BBQ...


somehow we got lost & ended up @ Clark Quay (-_-)"


Act cute...




bought honey & ice fr the NTUC nearby...


This place is surrounded by office buildings...


the dripping-wet Seb came down & fetch us...


Final Destination: Icon


5-star swimming pool with bubble jacuzzi seats...


Hi Seb...


dvd trying v.hard to start a fire...


while the rest went swimming & tennis-ing


First time ever I attended a chicken wing-less BBQ =X


#2 enjoying his garlic bread...


Seb & I agreed that the best food in this BBQ is the potato chips (",)


World class toilet with air-con & hot water supply...


This whole place feels like a hotel to me...


dvd act strong under the freezing cold air-con...


Everyone has a laptop, except Jacob... (poor thing)


Gd nite, amen...


wad's Melissa Wong trying to do??


She threw a tennis ball down!!!

1,600-megapixel image of "The Last Supper"!!!

Sounds like some mad-scientists scanned it in with their state-of-the-art electron microscope, LOL...

So is the file gonna be like a 200-freaking-MB?

Oh well, hopefully I wouldn't need to go down Sim Lim Square to get more memory just to open this file =X

Anyway, details are here:

26 October 2007

The Sperm Drink

The Sperm Drink -- my current favourite drink!!
I buy it during almost every training...

Photo of the peach flavoured one:

available @ FC5's co-op shop for $1.50 each... (used to be cheaper lor)

I have no idea why they all call it sperm drink,
I think Terrence invented the nick for it =P

Mao has another name for it:
"the invisible jelly drink that cannot be seen" (-_-)"

Just like the description says,
basically its a clear translucent sports drink with invisible tiny balls of jelly..

moJO's favorite: Peach

Jyh's favorite: Glucose

me too... (",)

25 October 2007

Happy Birthday XR

Happy birthday to XR!!!

think she went to sentosa or sth,
quite badly burnt by the sun,
see she like blushing 24/7 liddat, LOL (see photo)

stupid classmates sabo me stand in front sing bd song (-_-)"

from the person who doesnt eat chicken skin
WRONG! It's not Seb...

is mr.dvd from

the lousy,

the noob,

and the pro

Lani & Ade preparing the cake

so reluctant...

the guy who brought monopoly board game to sch..

faster come over sing bd song lah...

didn't know its Brandon's bd too...

reminds me of KungFu Hustle that 狮吼功

"how many times muz i tell u,
my fren's name is not call Marco!!!"

bd boy & bd girl,
kiss! kiss! kiss!

nv kiss, not fun one...

Seb, got cockroach on the floor isit?

WSNA lesson, nth much...

Later went run 2.4 with Ah Long & dvd,
my new personal record: 9min50s

dug out my sec sch report book,
miss my glorious past =P

last but not least, mr.Mao!!!

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