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30 December 2007

EPL Result: West Ham United vs Manchester United

(Photo from ESPN Soccernet)

Omg, it's the third time in a row WestHam has beaten ManU in the Premier League!!

A nice cross by Giggs and a beautiful header by the Premier League top scorer Ronaldo gave ManU the 1-0 lead for the first half.

Things changed when Spector gave away a penalty with a careless hand-ball.
But Ronaldo horribly mis-fired it, sending it into the crowd.

In the dying minutes of the match, 2 headers from Anton Ferdinand (77min) and Matthew Upson (82min) turned the tide. The hammers then went on to win the match.

Now, the #1 spot in the Premier League is open for Arsenal.

Final Score: WestHam 2-1 Manchester United

26 December 2007


This is not some 5-min-trailer-crap,
this is a FULL 1hr36min of I Am Legend right here at Google Video.

Actually intended to embed it onto my blog,
but dunno legal or not, so I'm just gonna provide the link to the video only...

(Warning: Click/View at your own risk)

23 December 2007


Came across this car in the basement carpark, I bet it is far more rare than a Ferrari or Lamborghini (photos):

Its a left-hand drive car,

I wonder if its even street-legal...

What's that logo?
Does this car belong to some high profile people like ambassadors?

20 December 2007

Sakae Delivery with "FREE GIFT"

Quite sick of pizza already, so decided to call Sakae instead...

After a long string of "your call is important to us",
finally a real person answered.

Ordered a Salmon Family Party Tray,
$35.99 + delivery + GST = $43.50!!!

The delivery man knocked on the door 10min before scheduled with an extra extra large pizza box like container.

Sashimi chilled with some ice pack, actually I was expecting some DICE for this price =X


Free Gift --> Fish scale on the salmon sashimi, LOL =D


Nuffnang removed my post "High CPM Ads from Advertlets" from Innit!!!

Posted around 14 hours ago & there were 4 Nangs.
I tried searching for it with the tags I added but it was nowhere to be found...

Is Nuffnang secretly removing posts that are pro-Advertlets or something?

Anyone else had their posts removed too?


I sent Nuffnang a ticket as at 2.58PM, no reply so far.

19 December 2007

High CPM Ads from Advertlets

Advertlets publishers, did you notice your CPM rate increased pretty significantly these few days?

In my case, CPM these few days is about 2.8x the "usual" rate!
see sample screenshot below for comparison:

I think the current Ad campaign by is very high on CPM,
what do you guys think?

18 December 2007

Advertise on my blog from S$0.50/day!!!

For as little as S$0.50/day,
you get the hottest spot on my blog to promote your product, service, or even your own blog!

Statistics gathered from Nuffnang 1-hour ago:

Average of 140+ uniques and 290+ page views per day. is a Page Rank 2 blog

Ad Placement options:

DHTML Pop-up for S$1/day (300x300px)

key features:

  • Not blocked by pop-up blockers
  • Flexible size (eg. 200x150 to 1000x850)

Left skyscraper: S$0.70/day (160x400)
Center rectangle: S$1.00/day (336x280)
Right banner: S$0.50/day (180x160)

Price and other placement options are negotiable,
feel free to contact me @

17 December 2007

Asian Idol 2007

Wassup with the craze over Asian Idol 2007 ar? Don't you find this kind of tv show FREAKING BORING?? Unless that fellow on stage is your friend.

I got real sick of such show after watching American Idol 1, 2 and Singapore Idol 1. Same goes for Survivor. Did you idiots pay like 50cent/sms to vote for them??

Anyway, congrats to whoever-that-is for winning the Asian Idol 2007...

Video from YouTube: Hady Mirza - First Asian Idol Winner

"JAKARTA: Singapore's Hady Mirza has been crowned Asian Idol in an inaugural contest held in Jakarta.

The 27-year-old beat five other contestants from host country Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and India in Asia's largest talent showcase in terms of size of audience.

Millions of viewers in the six participating countries watched the Asian Idol competition live on television.

Competition was strong as all six contestants had won their own country's Idol contest..."

Read on:

Nuffnang Ad

my 10th =)

check it out

16 December 2007

WidgetBucks - ZERO earnings for SG, M'sia traffic

No wonder I'm earning nothing from Widgetbucks despite running the so-call International CPM Ad campaign for days. So basically I'm doing free advertising for them...

What are the non-paying countries or regions?

"We are finding that advertisers are not willing to buy traffic from Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Egypt, and Romania. Rates for other countries, such as Taiwan, parts of the Middle East, parts of S. America, and other regions earn under $0.10 CPM. It's really important to mention this is an advertiser decision regarding the value of that traffic, NOT WidgetBucks' decision..."

Read on:

14 December 2007

Do you find Hotmail irritating?

Do you find Hotmail getting more and more irritating?

I'm ok with the Ads since its their source of income, but then the Ads are blocking users from clicking the navigation buttons!! Then even if you clicked on the ad, it wouldn't close or go away..

Example 1:

Example 2:

In both cases, the ad is simply layered over the drop down list, so its impossible to have access to the buttons unless I refresh the page until I have a "non-intrusive ad".

Btw, I'm using the latest version of Firefox, at the time of speaking..
I'm like many others who has the 100% cpu usage bug when accessing Hotmail with IE6

13 December 2007


Did you get these messages on your tagboard?
(see screenshot below)

I visited their blogs to check, and these people are for real! They really added your blog to their Blogrolls. Moreover, I was surprised to find ZERO ads on the first blog I visited yesterday.
So I was kind enough to link them back..

Today, I found another 2 similar messages on my tagboard.
Smell something fishy?

Since my cbox tagboard captured their IP addresses,
so I did a simple trace, here are the results:



and... INDIA =S

Doesn't matter which city, all 3 tags came from India...
So you are thinking, what about the spam part?

Well, here's the answer:

1) They are spamming lots of blogs with the same message to link them back

2) Their posts are mainly Pay-Per-Post kind of crappy contents

I will remove them from my Blogroll and Tagboard

12 December 2007

Online course to learn... SINGLISH?

Interesting, online course for foreigners to learn Singlish??

see screenshot below:

It's one of the Ad that's being displayed on my Widgetbucks (bottom of the blog)
See the Singapore flag there? =P

Too bad I cannot click on my own Ads,
can someone tell me what it is all about?

What is our National Treasure?

This is a post for the National Treasure 2 screening contest brought to you by Nuffnang.

This is our National Treasure, Mr.LKY..
The choice is pretty obvious,
Singapore wouldn't be what it is today if not for what he's done for us!

Download the HD trailers HERE,
Visit the official website for more info.

11 December 2007

Thailand THRASHED Singapore 3-0

Sweet revenge for Thailand for the ASEAN football championship defeat,
they will go into the finals and compete for the gold medal.

Singapore can only hope to win a bronze medal...

11 DEC. 19:45

10 December 2007

Let's Forgive

Yes, it was unprofessional for to mass send emails with every single publishers' email made visible to all under the "To:" field. The damage done is irreversible.

But since Paddy personally replied my email within 20min (plus another mass sent to all publishers) and sincerely apologized for the mistake, I think we should forgive them. =)

That's all I've got to say...

Sample screenshot below (censored):

Real Madrid's Casillas hit by missiles!!!

"Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas was hit by an object thrown from the crowd during his side's 1-0 win at Athletic Bilbao on Saturday.

Objects rained down on the keeper's area during the match and television pictures showed what appeared to be a knife or bottle opener had also landed on the edge of the pitch. 'The atmosphere at San Mames is always very powerful and that zone is always like that,' Casillas told reporters. 'It is a strange way to support your team.' The bus carrying Real Madrid players to the stadium was also hit by objects thrown by rival supporters, resulting in damage to its windows..."

Full article here:

Another source claimed that he was hit by a plastic cup at the back of the head.

Knife, bottle opener, plastic cup, police get killed, civilian got shot by police... what's next?

09 December 2007

Win a Year Supply of Levi Jeans!!!

Here's your chance to win a year supply of Levi's Jeans.
It's only open to Singapore residents,
contest details as follow:

Official website HERE

No $ for Levi's Jeans lah, can I use the pair I bought from Bangkok for S$9?
Just kidding... =P

Manchester United beat Derby 4-1 or 5-1?

Did ManU win 4-1 or 5-1?
See this contradictory screenshot from

Other sources confirmed that the final score is 4-1,
with Ronaldo scoring a late penalty kick.

Congrats to Ryan Giggs for his 100th Premier League goal, it would have definitely been more memorable if it was scored as a winner against Arsenal or Liverpool...

Although it was an easy win for ManU against the much weaker Derby side, but I think the home team really embarrassed themselves for conceding Derby's first Premier League away goal of the season.

Photos from:

08 December 2007

School do painting on RAINY days?

As you know, these few days all rain like crap,
and this what happens when the school (or rather the workers) repaints the wall and pillars:

I think most got washed away before it can dry up...

Tax payers $ flowing into the drain?

Don't wanna say already, you make yours own judgment...

Please fine that fellow wearing slippers!!!

Anyway, we settled @ Settler's Cafe in HollandV...

Much better fish & chips as compared to FC6... DUH!

We played a no life game call LIFE =)

Ade suggested that we play other games...

Although Seb suck @ tennis, but he's good in this!!!

Zzzzing Rong dreaded for her turn...


2nd round with Ade making things difficult for everyone.. EVIL!!!

uh oh uh oh...

Oops she did it again... She will pay the bill... =D

07 December 2007

Apology to

The previous post regarding has been removed.

After reading numerous times and hearing opinions from my friends, I have to admit that it sounds rather harsh towards, and I sincerely apologize for that.

In return, I've done up a comparison chart comparing Nuffnang and
(based solely on my own experience and findings on the web):

Do correct me if there's any mistaken or things that you would like to add-on to the above. =)

05 December 2007

Irritating Sales Call

First one is from that telesales company (or whatever you call it),
the second one is from Josh Lim (Advertlets) (this post has got nothing to do with him)

(Click to enlarge)

Some lady with an Indian accent called and ask me sign up some credit card (-_-)"
I wonder which idiot sold my name & number to the firm..
Anyway, here is actual conversation:

Lady: Hello, is this Mr.bla bla?

Me: Ya, may I know who is this?

Lady: I'm calling from *dunno what company* on behalf of *dunno what bank*

Me: Hello, what is this all about?!

Lady: Oh, we are inviting you to sign up an UOB Platinum credit card with us...

Me: Hey, I'm not even of (legal) age yet.

Lady: Oh, may I know how old are you?

Me: I not gonna tell you...

Lady: Ok, thank you very much for your time, bye.

03 December 2007

Suspected Malware in Advertlets Ads

Rushing for school now, so just a quick update:

Josh Lim ( just gave me a call, he called me 3 times!
(Coz I thought it was another China-scam-call, so I rejected it twice)

Anyway, rest assured that the emusic ad has been re-complied, uploaded and clear of any "uninvited content".

02 December 2007

2007 Miss World's real occupation is...

2007 Miss World's real occupation is... a secretary!!

Her boss is such a lucky guy... =P

"It has taken five years of strutting and posing, and an annual fee believed to be worth £2 million, but China has achieved another of its global ambitions when a 23-year-old from Beijing was crowned Miss World.

Zi Lin Zhang, from Beijing, beat the other 105 contestants to become the first Chinese winner and the 57th Miss World, waving elegantly to her fans as the result was announced in Sanya, China..."

Read the full story here

01 December 2007

Another Botak Jones Outing

Melissa says...

love birds?

19-year-old caught buying diapers!!!
The fancy plastic bag failed to hide the exotic goods... =P

Botak Jones not even opened yet (-_-)"

So we ordered some lousy claypots instead...

Vinegar on the fries, I mean fry


Liang Ming...

Zzzzzing Rong & Lani


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