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03 December 2007

Suspected Malware in Advertlets Ads

Rushing for school now, so just a quick update:

Josh Lim ( just gave me a call, he called me 3 times!
(Coz I thought it was another China-scam-call, so I rejected it twice)

Anyway, rest assured that the emusic ad has been re-complied, uploaded and clear of any "uninvited content".


Josh Lim said...


We're happy to tell you that the problem has officially been resolved - thanks for the heads up. We started investigating as soon as we found out.

While we've yet to receive feedback, we believe a computer on the Advertisers side where the creative was prepared was compromised, which caused the problem. However, on our end we've already recompiled the file and removed the malware entry.


Josh Lim

Entrepreneur said...

So that's what it was! I was wondering why my browser kept closing and showing a virus website!

Anonymous said...

Wow... quick response from Josh. *clap clap*

WokkingMum said...

Ah! No wonder! Thanks!

ShuKuen7788 said...

No wonder lah, Someone complain to me about this..
then i keep on say impossible to have this problem in my website one!
how those guy didn't this blog

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