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16 December 2007

WidgetBucks - ZERO earnings for SG, M'sia traffic

No wonder I'm earning nothing from Widgetbucks despite running the so-call International CPM Ad campaign for days. So basically I'm doing free advertising for them...

What are the non-paying countries or regions?

"We are finding that advertisers are not willing to buy traffic from Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Egypt, and Romania. Rates for other countries, such as Taiwan, parts of the Middle East, parts of S. America, and other regions earn under $0.10 CPM. It's really important to mention this is an advertiser decision regarding the value of that traffic, NOT WidgetBucks' decision..."

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Aronil said...

hmmm if that is true.. i might as well close my account as well.. thanks for the heads up... was wondering when the catch would reveal itself,

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