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13 December 2007


Did you get these messages on your tagboard?
(see screenshot below)

I visited their blogs to check, and these people are for real! They really added your blog to their Blogrolls. Moreover, I was surprised to find ZERO ads on the first blog I visited yesterday.
So I was kind enough to link them back..

Today, I found another 2 similar messages on my tagboard.
Smell something fishy?

Since my cbox tagboard captured their IP addresses,
so I did a simple trace, here are the results:



and... INDIA =S

Doesn't matter which city, all 3 tags came from India...
So you are thinking, what about the spam part?

Well, here's the answer:

1) They are spamming lots of blogs with the same message to link them back

2) Their posts are mainly Pay-Per-Post kind of crappy contents

I will remove them from my Blogroll and Tagboard

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