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05 December 2007

Irritating Sales Call

First one is from that telesales company (or whatever you call it),
the second one is from Josh Lim (Advertlets) (this post has got nothing to do with him)

(Click to enlarge)

Some lady with an Indian accent called and ask me sign up some credit card (-_-)"
I wonder which idiot sold my name & number to the firm..
Anyway, here is actual conversation:

Lady: Hello, is this Mr.bla bla?

Me: Ya, may I know who is this?

Lady: I'm calling from *dunno what company* on behalf of *dunno what bank*

Me: Hello, what is this all about?!

Lady: Oh, we are inviting you to sign up an UOB Platinum credit card with us...

Me: Hey, I'm not even of (legal) age yet.

Lady: Oh, may I know how old are you?

Me: I not gonna tell you...

Lady: Ok, thank you very much for your time, bye.


Josh Lim said...

Haha. For a moment there, I was wondering this was about... :)

Which reminds me, I remember last time there was a credit card salesperson who called me...I declined the credit card offer, saying that I prefer cold hard cash. Then after that, she said "Isn't that dangerous? You better get a card!"

To which I replied:
"I'm a big boy! I can take care of myself!" :)

She didn't have much to say after that...

PS: You can have replied the same thing I said, hahah!

Anonymous_X said...

Lol. Experienced almost similar thing. But from allegedly different bank. Heh. It's always good to dare to say no coz some offers are just too good to be true. (And most of them are not)

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