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20 December 2007


Nuffnang removed my post "High CPM Ads from Advertlets" from Innit!!!

Posted around 14 hours ago & there were 4 Nangs.
I tried searching for it with the tags I added but it was nowhere to be found...

Is Nuffnang secretly removing posts that are pro-Advertlets or something?

Anyone else had their posts removed too?


I sent Nuffnang a ticket as at 2.58PM, no reply so far.


Siew Wan Siong said...

If what you claimed is to be true, it makes me sick to the stomach..
And if you really believe ur stand on ur post being deleted, I suggest to stop using innit since there's no integrity in their system.

pamsong said...

Wow. No kua. I think you check with them first lah. This could totally ruin their credibility.

LLY said...

@siew wan siong: No need to be so fierce ba...

@pamsong: I think I'll email them later about this.

Anonymous said...

Your this post has also been removed from Innit.

pamsong said...

Whoa. It has!!!

LLY said...

@anonymous: Yea, what are they up to?

@pamsong: Yup!

fozirsl said...

Maybe you post something irrelevant, no?

Siew Wan Siong said...

It looks like Nuffnang is really trying to be funny with you.
They say they want to help the blogging community, and now they are trying to cover up their flaws just because they own Innit and because you tried to expose the truth about earnings from both Nuffnang and Advertlets.
I'm not a member of Advertlets and a supporter of Nuffnang from the beginning.
What Nuffnang has done had me lost all the respect for them and their team.
LLY, let me know what is their reply.
You can contact me at
If they don't reply or their excuse is half baked, I'm going to remove Nuffnang ads and terminate my account with them.
Keep in touch.

pamsong said...

Wah. So sad that it needs this much drama.

Harry Lee said...

This is not the first time the kids over at nuffnang tried to do something funny and write their own rules.

Remember i blog about they shouldn't be so greedy to take advantage of the nuffnang system they claim to be created for the community? After 2 long months, more and more adds in all kind of shape and sizes are appearing all over their blogs and also their personnel's blog. Of course such usage of their the system they control can only be seen as nothing but dubious.

Also one thing i like to touch on is respect for them, how can you compare them to people like paddy or cobalt or josh or anyone else? To unable to keep away from being greedy has made all relevant respect lost from the community.

Look at what blog2u and adverlets are doing? They are constantly improving themself and to distant themself from being dubious and relevant to any criticisms, but here, the kids over at nuffnang are so keen to show a professional(fake) front on nuffnang website and yet show a difference front when dealing with people directly and on their personal blog. Their behaviour is not consistent is all i can say.

Now they have decided to write their own rules and remove whatever postings that benefits their competitor and is doing no benefits to them. It is a fair game, if you are good, people will speak good of you, if you are not good, people will speak lousy of you. To remove postings just because they are losing it is liken to a spoilt brat. You decide for yourself whether you want to have any association with them. For me, i have left long time ago and i am very happy with the new up and coming advertising company who are constantly trying to improve themselves and provide good service. The kids over at Nuffnang has shown an air of arrogance and people who are affected by it had long left. And they still live in denial of that!

Leong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LLY said...

@siew wan siong: I did not mention anything about Nuffnang earnings in that post. Nope, I have yet to receive a response from them.

@pamsong: Only if Nuffnang gave me an explanation before removing the post.

@harry lee: Hmm, you've got a point there. But I'm not here to side with or make enemies with either party. I'll be happy if they give an explanation and I won't talk about it anymore.

pamsong said...

Oh! You do it, too! I read a comment by Leong earlier and now it's gone!!! You're no better than them if you messed with your comments, LLY.

I've got people who disagree with my views on my blog. They fire me, fire lah! I fire back. That's all. No need to delete comment here, delete comment there.

But yeah, I agree that Nuffnang should have spoken to you first and not just take off your posts. That wan a bit tak betul.

Siew Wan Siong said...

LLY, you're getting a little hot with ur words edi..
Chill dude.
I think it's logical that pamsong think that way.
Coz that was what i initially though too when i saw the comment was removed.
Now that you mentioned, I understood the situation.

LLY said...

@siew wan siong: Apologized for the rudeness, let me remove it and write it again nicely =)

@pamsong: Do note that I DO NOT practice removing user comments. I only remove spam tags found on my tagboard.

Please read this carefully, it says: "This post has been removed by the author." Author as in the person who wrote it. Thanks

GeekSG said...

I am actually predicting that they may soon end the Innit service altogether as it does not seem to be taking off. Keeping it will only reflect bad on them and cause unnecessary controversies like this and tarnish their brand name even further.

In fact I just wrote a posting about Innit yesterday about why it is not working. Go through it if you are interested.

pamsong said...


My apologies.

Mick said...

You twit, of course they should remove it. Innit isn't a place for you to spread the good of their competitors. Go find somewhere else for it.

lasilasi said...

i just know that small fish like me 1.won't even reach the criteria to be paid by adverlets 2. only get rm3.10 in 8 months from nuffnang that is less than 40cents per month, and I won't expect myself to get any payment in next few years lol

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