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19 December 2007

High CPM Ads from Advertlets

Advertlets publishers, did you notice your CPM rate increased pretty significantly these few days?

In my case, CPM these few days is about 2.8x the "usual" rate!
see sample screenshot below for comparison:

I think the current Ad campaign by is very high on CPM,
what do you guys think?


HanNeng said...

I don't think so
I used to get $0.60/day, but recently (past 3 weeks)only $0.10 per day, the most $0.20 per day.

ShuKuen7788 said...

wow... is you again..
Not really? start for a few days already.
But not much difference....
i don't even get 10cents for 3000 ~ 6000 impression.
I don't really earning after this incident

LLY said...

@hanneng: Seems like you've got very little impressions?

@ShuKuen7788: Hmm, did you ask Advertlets about it?

ShuKuen7788 said...

never and not yet.
not yet leh~
I even found that some Ads(which i think paying more) suddenly missing from my website.

Nvm, i just click my 1st advertlets CashOut 1 week ago.
See how 1st~

Swift said...

They pay by considering the traffic you are getting.

Singapore and Malaysia = More $$$
International = Less $$$

Thats my assumption but it is quite obvious it works in the way I state.

If you have extra time you can do a little experiment on how they pay. Get a proxy from USA, Brazil, Singapore and Malaysia. Refresh your page once per ip and check the money given. I think that might prove something

erickia said...

i earn $5-8/day by just 1000 come 3000-6000 only get 10 cent?
this is my site how and see how i put the ads

Aizwan Ali said...

my page is around 300 imps a day. still i got no amount from adverlets. anyone please tell me?

my blog is

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