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08 December 2007

School do painting on RAINY days?

As you know, these few days all rain like crap,
and this what happens when the school (or rather the workers) repaints the wall and pillars:

I think most got washed away before it can dry up...

Tax payers $ flowing into the drain?

Don't wanna say already, you make yours own judgment...

Please fine that fellow wearing slippers!!!

Anyway, we settled @ Settler's Cafe in HollandV...

Much better fish & chips as compared to FC6... DUH!

We played a no life game call LIFE =)

Ade suggested that we play other games...

Although Seb suck @ tennis, but he's good in this!!!

Zzzzing Rong dreaded for her turn...


2nd round with Ade making things difficult for everyone.. EVIL!!!

uh oh uh oh...

Oops she did it again... She will pay the bill... =D


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