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18 December 2007

Advertise on my blog from S$0.50/day!!!

For as little as S$0.50/day,
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Statistics gathered from Nuffnang 1-hour ago:

Average of 140+ uniques and 290+ page views per day. is a Page Rank 2 blog

Ad Placement options:

DHTML Pop-up for S$1/day (300x300px)

key features:

  • Not blocked by pop-up blockers
  • Flexible size (eg. 200x150 to 1000x850)

Left skyscraper: S$0.70/day (160x400)
Center rectangle: S$1.00/day (336x280)
Right banner: S$0.50/day (180x160)

Price and other placement options are negotiable,
feel free to contact me @


Vomy said...

Your pop up is what will irritates others than to really see the content. Banner is much better.

Anonymous said...

But when I check your extreme tracking, the total unique visit from 6 Nov till now is just 3800.

Which is wrong? Nuffnang counter or extreme tracking?

LLY said...

@vomy: I'll take that into consideration.

@anonymous: Nobody is wrong, 4 tracking tools all gives different figures.

Anonymous said...

Nuffnang shows 4037 unique visit in 1 month (Give you 2 days discount)

Extreme tracking shows 2101 unique visit in 1 month.

That is roughly 50% difference! How could it be so big? If you tell me 10% or 20% different, I will still buy your story. But 50%? No way.

Perhaps we should also inform Ming about the difference in tracking. Something is very wrong here.

Anonymous said...

Use google analytics and show us a day or two of your visits. People usually trust the big "G".

LLY said...

18Nov-16Dec (unique/page):

Nuffnang: 4037/8130
Google: 3436/6885

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