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07 December 2007

Apology to

The previous post regarding has been removed.

After reading numerous times and hearing opinions from my friends, I have to admit that it sounds rather harsh towards, and I sincerely apologize for that.

In return, I've done up a comparison chart comparing Nuffnang and
(based solely on my own experience and findings on the web):

Do correct me if there's any mistaken or things that you would like to add-on to the above. =)


Paddy Tan - said...

Hey you dont have to do that actually. But I really appreciate it, honestly.

It takes time for BLOG2u to grow :)

Paddy Tan - said...

BTW, no mr tan please :)
It makes me old. Hahah!

Just Paddy will do.

DK said...

*cough*Paddy, but YOU ARE OLD.*cough*

tHemUxIcboX said...


Though I don't really like what you wrote in the one previously but I think you deserve credit for putting up this apology ;D

arzhou said...

I think you made a mistake, I believe you can have more then 1 ad unit for blog2u. *looks at own blog* yea you can :p

LLY said...

@arzhou: A quote from's eamil:


as this is one ad per blogger, I am sorry that no more than 1 advertisement..."

Paddy Tan - said...


let me clarify on this.

Different banners from the same or different advertisers can be placed on the same blogger site. It is a per match per blog.

Therefore by placing many banners of the same kind or on different blogs, do not translate into more money as we only request for 1 banner per blog.

The reply to you that 1 ad per blogger was because you emailed us asking for the same ads in 3 different blogs (where 1 is not even registered) but the the match is only to 1 of your blogs.

For the case of arzhou, it was different advertisers' banners.

Some bloggers even have 3 or more banners, sponsored posts, review posts on the same blog too.

LLY said...

@Paddy: Understood. Initially, your staff's email did not specify which blog you are offering the advertisement to.

Btw, I only asked for 2 blogs which I registered, read the email I sent you guys again:

"I hereby offering my acceptance to your offer,
1) 185x130 for
2) 150x150 for"

Paddy Tan - said...

Yeah you are right, as you have 2 blogs with us

There was another one that you asked about ''? which we are not able to give as it was a match. :)

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