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17 December 2007

Asian Idol 2007

Wassup with the craze over Asian Idol 2007 ar? Don't you find this kind of tv show FREAKING BORING?? Unless that fellow on stage is your friend.

I got real sick of such show after watching American Idol 1, 2 and Singapore Idol 1. Same goes for Survivor. Did you idiots pay like 50cent/sms to vote for them??

Anyway, congrats to whoever-that-is for winning the Asian Idol 2007...

Video from YouTube: Hady Mirza - First Asian Idol Winner

"JAKARTA: Singapore's Hady Mirza has been crowned Asian Idol in an inaugural contest held in Jakarta.

The 27-year-old beat five other contestants from host country Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and India in Asia's largest talent showcase in terms of size of audience.

Millions of viewers in the six participating countries watched the Asian Idol competition live on television.

Competition was strong as all six contestants had won their own country's Idol contest..."

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Wilson Pon said...

Only my brother love to watch it, for me, this Asian Idol is so bored & suck...

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