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02 December 2007

2007 Miss World's real occupation is...

2007 Miss World's real occupation is... a secretary!!

Her boss is such a lucky guy... =P

"It has taken five years of strutting and posing, and an annual fee believed to be worth £2 million, but China has achieved another of its global ambitions when a 23-year-old from Beijing was crowned Miss World.

Zi Lin Zhang, from Beijing, beat the other 105 contestants to become the first Chinese winner and the 57th Miss World, waving elegantly to her fans as the result was announced in Sanya, China..."

Read the full story here


sylv said...

i think she's too skinny leh. and the beauty is not really.. er.. head-turning.

well. subjective opinion.

lankapo said...

yup not that sexy lohh

flux said...

not pretty aso..thats why the boss tell he "u stop working today la" cannot tahan edi..hehe..but it depends,juz an opinion of mine..other ppl think diff..cheers~~

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