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29 November 2007

Chiobus With Blogs Wanted

Chiobus With Blogs Wanted...

Ads by Google

What a text-link ad they have there on my blog =P

27 November 2007

Untold Secret of Bus 185

Student Fare exists for Bus 185!!!
Have yet to seen this on other bus services...
I'm paying full adult fare with my Singapore Polytechnic ez-link card btw...

(actual photo of the "student fare")

Opp. Parc Oasis (stage 11.0) --> Dover Stn. (stage 21.0): $1.09
Dover Stn. (stage 4.0)--> Parc Oasis (stage 14.0): $1.09 $0.67

Try the eGuide here:

Using a Singapore Polytechnic ez-link card and boarding service 185 leaving from Dover MRT, you enjoy special STUDENT FARE!!!
(no matter how far I ride, I still pay $0.67 alighting as far as JJC there.)

Can't find any related information can be found on Transitlink's website.

Instead of going to/from school by bus ($1.09 x 2) = $2.18,
to sch (MRT), from sch (Bus) = $0.98 + $0.67 = $1.65
Savings = $0.53/day

no bad huh. ;)

25 November 2007

Potential iPhone killer, Nokia N98

Nokia N98 Specifications:

  • 7.2Megapix camera with 5x optical zoom!!!
  • 3.5inch 640x480 16.7million colour touch screen
  • Symbian S70 3rd edition OS
  • Quad-band, GPS and Bluetooth 2.0
  • 160MB (phone) + 2GB (memory card)

My Opinion:

One glance at the picture and you know this is a direct competitor of Apple's iPhone. Most noticeably in the specification sheet is the powerful Carl Zeiss 7.2megapix camera with 5x optical zoom. Although this little monster weights 15-grams lighter than the iPhone, but its 160MB memory is nothing as compared to iPhone's massive 8GB (max).

On the other hand, it boasts a VGA touch-screen doubles the resolution of Apple's offering. It's just getting more exciting when this website mentions that the N98 has in-built graphics accelerator and Wifi 802.11b/g/n!! WOW~

Sadly, retail price & availability is still pretty much an unknown.

24 November 2007

Saudi Arabia people uses

See below:

I don't even know they've got internet over there, lol...

23 November 2007

Video from Staff Student Games 2007

Ever seen mr.Tai playing squash before??
There you go:

Staff Student Games 2007 - Gary vs Mr.Tai

rather than Ping-ing all the sex posts...

Rather than ping-ing all the sex or sex-related posts, why not help end the world hunger while surfing the net??

In this website, for every question you answered correctly, 10 grains of rice is donated to the United Nation World Food Program...


I've donated 700 grains of rice today!!

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Here's my blog's new skin for enhanced cross-browser compatibility..

Now my blog is now fully compatible with all 3 browsers I tested on @ 1280x800, 1280x1024 and 1650x1050:

Mozilla FireFox
Apple Safari 3.04
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP2

Learn the importance of being cross browser compatible:

Below are some screenshots of my blog on different browsers:

Feel free to comment (",)

22 November 2007

This MSN nick sounds very wrong...

Come take a look...

I'm smiling coz I have YOU in ME =X

20 November 2007

>>>SECRETS from Ministry of Defence<<<

Found this document from the Singapore MINDEF (Ministry of Defence) website!!!

Our NAPFA test is coming soon,
here are some websites and forums threads that contains useful information & tips:

Male/Female NAPFA Table (.doc)

The Events In A NAFPA Test (Do’s and Don’t’s)

10 Tips on How to Ace the NAPFA Test

preparing for napfa 2.4km

Help for doing pull ups

sit and reach

How to improve on my standing broad jump?

How to train for Pull Up?

[SG Talk] NAPFA Test tips!!!

Good Luck !!!

19 November 2007

Terrorist Software: E-Jihad v3.0

Did Osama wrote this dumb program?? =P

" to electronic arms for the followers of Osama bin Laden. It was said that on Nov. 11, Al Qaeda experts would use a program known as “Electronic Jihad” to coordinate attacks on Western, Jewish, Israeli, Muslim apostate and Shiite Web sites. Electronic Jihad, also known as the E-Jihad program, is currently in revision 3.00.

The plan was to first practice by taking down 15 specific sites and then move on to bigger attacks involving “hundreds of thousands of Islamist hackers...”"

Read the full story here:

18 November 2007

Nuffnang: 3 Motorola Q9H to be won!!!

Have YOU logged in to your Nuffnang account today?

Because there is an on-going contest to win a Motorola Q9H phone!!!

Step 1: Pick a cute cute icon
Step 2: Blog about the phone
Step 3: Notify them by email

honestly, I think it would be better if they give me the phone first =P

So I went to the link given in the PDF file to collect some images..
Guess what --- BROKEN LINK =X

17 November 2007

Nuffnang innit,'s latest competitor

Yes,'s latest competitor is born this morning (I wrote this article yesterday) --Nuffnang's innit


At first glance, it simply reminds you of
Number of "nangs" (pongs), post title, post description, username and erm.. the comment feature, which is quite a failure in

I've got a feeling that it is just a matter of time.. before sex or sex related posts will flood the "most popular" list...

Anyway, a major difference I found is that innit doesn't use the "ping engine", meaning you gotta add a new post manually every time. This can be a good thing or bad thing depends how you wanna see it..

Ok, here's something new, the "Nang-it" feature allows bloggers (logged-in) to "nang" another's post once, thus increasing their effective number of "nangs" without actually viewing the post itself..

Another source of visitors for bloggers
A good reason to STAY with Nuffnang =)

Lack of innovation!
No spam bot-free feature, eg. "word verification"
No tools to report "questionable" posts?
No AJAX on innit page itself? (no auto-fresh like nuffnang home page)
There are no links to innit at nuffnang's home page

I hope they will continue to improve on it over time...

16 November 2007

Birthday SUSHI @ Sakae

Met them @ Sakae Marina for buffet...

This is noob #2...

Should have ordered plate by plate, because...

we wanna stack 'em up!! =D

Dvd eat until everywhere also got crab eggs...

They ordered one shot 20+ dumplings, good luck!

What's the joke...?

Jacob & Ong is infected by the laughing disease...

still laughing...

laugh until he rips the seat off (-_-)"

Melissa Wong pretend she dunno us...

Laugh until the floor also got dumpling...

Xr picked it up & eat...


Wanted to stack higher,
but the manager insist that she wants to collect all the used plates...

Bad CRM!!! =(

Before Ong left, he poured hot water onto the mouse =X

One little surprise for the birthday girl,

Birthday Sushi !!!
I bet its her first... =P

Stupid staff tried to charge me & #2 $107+ for the buffet!!!
Paying the bill wasted like 15min...

How to Recharge Non-Rechargeable Batteries

(Video) How to Recharge Non-Rechargeable Batteries

Did he say "it is called electrical tape because it conducts electricity"?!

You must have failed your primary school science horribly to believe this joker. =D

Latest: A Brand New Nuffnang

Not to pour cold water on them,
but just a few min into their new system,

See screenshot below:

Here's the new look on the frontpage...

Broken link!!!

Much more detailed analytics
You can finally delete your own blog from Nuffnang
Add your profile image

I like prefer the old colour scheme
No more "latest Nuffnangers" at home page

15 November 2007

Tattoo Shop Admits Serving SEC SCH STUDENTS

Came across this on my iGoogle.
This is outrageous!! 14-year-old kids having tattoos!?
I think they've been watched too many episodes of Miami Ink on TV =D

"One 14-year-old, who asked to be called John, said he got tattoos done at a shop near City Hall.

The shop owner, who declined to be named, admitted he does not have any age restriction for customers who want tattoos. The shop often serves secondary school students...

Dr Low Chai Ling from the Sloane Clinic said she once saw a 14-year-old boy with a large dragon tattoo on his back, which he had got without his parents' consent..."

Read the full story @ TheNewPaper website:,4136,147580,00.html

13 November 2007

How to Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal (Video)

Here's a video on How to Increase Your Wifi (WLAN) signal strength on a PC/Laptop!
(802.11 a / b / g / n)

I had a good laugh at how serious this video looks.
Can't believe there are people who actually believed its real!!

Downfall of Sunshine Empire?

"If it sounds too good to be true. It probably is!"

Did you put your $ there?
Because I was smart enough NOT to..
I even heard of local uni students quit school to work there full time..

Quote from the article on the StraitsTimes:

"THE Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) has begun investigation into the affairs of Sunshine Empire following reports of its controversial business practices.

A police statement on Tuesday, advising those who have invested in the company to wait for further updates from CAD, said they may be asked to help in the probe.

Barely 16 months into operations here, Sunshine was placed on the Monetary Authority of Singapore?s (MAS?) investor alert list in September.

This list names people or firms who may be conducting activities regulated by the MAS without authority.

On Oct 24, The Straits Times reported that the multi-level marketing firm had come under scrutiny because it appeared to be operating like a pure investment scheme, something it did not have the license to do.

MAS has warned people against making investments with unregulated firms and individuals. And a new consumer alert has been issued to inform consumers about get-rich schemes that sound too good to be true..."

Read the full story HERE

12 November 2007

SECRETS of Widgetbucks Revealed

In the post, I'll reveal to you the Secrets of Widgetbucks.
Together, we shall find out which type of ad will earn you the highest CPC...

First of all, taken from the top performer of Widgetbucks:

Quick analysis:
Quite obviously, Movie is the worst paying ad of all, even though it has the highest click-rate.
On the other hand, MP3 players ads pays more than 6 times that of Movies - 43cents/click. Do note that the currency is in USD.

Second, we look this very "green" blog:

Quick analysis:
Consumer electronics ads tops the chart!!
Laptop, PDA, Digital camera paying 45cent, 43cent and 42cents respectively.
But then again, the same trend occurs - Movies has the highest click-rate!
Also, I'm quite surprised that Strollers is the blog's top earning ad.

Last but not least -- mine (-_-)"

Quick analysis:
Firstly, stop laughing at my pathetic earning, I only signed up for a week ok?
Nothing much to see actually, but once again, consumer electronic is confirmed to have the highest CPC.

I would recommend putting either Movie ads (due to its high click rate),
and Laptop ads, because it pays the most.
But then again, it really depends on the demographics of your visitors and the nature of your blog/site.
Do note that Widgetbucks is a pure CPC program.

Sign up now & get a $25 bonus in your account!!

Do feel free to comment/tag.

11 November 2007

Nuffnang Server Down??

It seems like Nuffnang server is really down.
Can't access to their website,
ADs and logos aren't showing on both of my blogs...

The fault don't seem to be my internet connection,
I can surf other sites just as well...

see screenshots below:

Arsenal 6-7 Manchester United

Arsenal 6-7 Manchester United after extra time
[Scroll down to see the pic]

Goal scorers include Rooney, Saha, Adebayor & Gilberto!

Click find out more..

GOTCHA!!!!!!!!!! =P

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