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27 November 2007

Untold Secret of Bus 185

Student Fare exists for Bus 185!!!
Have yet to seen this on other bus services...
I'm paying full adult fare with my Singapore Polytechnic ez-link card btw...

(actual photo of the "student fare")

Opp. Parc Oasis (stage 11.0) --> Dover Stn. (stage 21.0): $1.09
Dover Stn. (stage 4.0)--> Parc Oasis (stage 14.0): $1.09 $0.67

Try the eGuide here:

Using a Singapore Polytechnic ez-link card and boarding service 185 leaving from Dover MRT, you enjoy special STUDENT FARE!!!
(no matter how far I ride, I still pay $0.67 alighting as far as JJC there.)

Can't find any related information can be found on Transitlink's website.

Instead of going to/from school by bus ($1.09 x 2) = $2.18,
to sch (MRT), from sch (Bus) = $0.98 + $0.67 = $1.65
Savings = $0.53/day

no bad huh. ;)


DK said...

Maybe it's a program bug. Now that it's on a blog, maybe they will fix it soon. :P

LLY said...

Oh no, please don't fix it!!!

Hopefully they don't come across my blog (",)

precious said...


SEO Engineering 101 said...

Maybe it's because of the solar flare that the GPS is using because you boarded the bus from SP, and becos the bus under covered area, it siow siow abit..can't decide where it is. There are some places in Singapore that happened too.. the old NYP Campuses .. Lentor Ave ...all becus of the GPS failure.

Best Regards

azrin @

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