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05 November 2007

Response from Josh Lim (Adverlets)

Response from Josh Lim (of Adverlets) regarding the earlier post on Adverlets Server Down?

"Sorry, we were testing some things, and the message appeared on some blogs regardless of whether the domain was correct. It should be okay now. If you still face problems, do update your code, or contact us. Cheers!"

Josh Lim
11/5/07 9:59 AM

Here is the original comment

Thanks for the reply, I'm glad he spotted the problem & fixed it.
This brings an end to the "Your domain in your profile doesnt match . Please update your domain profile in our blog manager section" error message.

Surprisingly, their ads now loads slower than before,
even the flash-based WidgetBucks ad loads faster than Adverlets.
Did they optimize Adverlets for M'sia users only?

Just guessing, I have no clue what's going on.
One thing is certain, my Starhub 6Mbps internet connection is fine:

Feel free to share your views =)


Miccheng said...

Perhaps they got Techcrunched and couldn't handle the traffic. :D

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