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17 November 2007

Nuffnang innit,'s latest competitor

Yes,'s latest competitor is born this morning (I wrote this article yesterday) --Nuffnang's innit


At first glance, it simply reminds you of
Number of "nangs" (pongs), post title, post description, username and erm.. the comment feature, which is quite a failure in

I've got a feeling that it is just a matter of time.. before sex or sex related posts will flood the "most popular" list...

Anyway, a major difference I found is that innit doesn't use the "ping engine", meaning you gotta add a new post manually every time. This can be a good thing or bad thing depends how you wanna see it..

Ok, here's something new, the "Nang-it" feature allows bloggers (logged-in) to "nang" another's post once, thus increasing their effective number of "nangs" without actually viewing the post itself..

Another source of visitors for bloggers
A good reason to STAY with Nuffnang =)

Lack of innovation!
No spam bot-free feature, eg. "word verification"
No tools to report "questionable" posts?
No AJAX on innit page itself? (no auto-fresh like nuffnang home page)
There are no links to innit at nuffnang's home page

I hope they will continue to improve on it over time...


eStee said...

Hi: I dun see ping and a competitor to innit, really. These are two sources for bloggers to increase readership and to open their eyes to the other bloggers out there. Since these both engines do not make money from the number of nangs, but instead are here to basically help the community to be aware of the greater # posts out there, I'd say blogger benefit from both services so bloggers should use both.

With that said, is much more mature (due to relative age) and may seem more convenient for bloggers to use though.. but let's hope nn uses ping as a benchmark.

I love though, I've been with them since march

Larry Lim said...

From what I see, it works like Digg i.e. based on a voting system. Could be a customization of the open-source Pligg.

arzhou said...

I would have to agree and disgree with estee on this. While not exactly competitors, there is still some room for overlap. Then again, in most industries and services its always a grey line anyway.

But yea, if general if bloggers use more blog aggregator services, it should in theory increase their viewership.

It would be interesting to see how the top 10 of innit evolve over time. It will be a struggle to eventually manage content and user abuse. Even the mighty digg suffers from that.

DK said...

Plagiarism is the greatest form of flattery.

arzhou said...

DK: If only my professors thought of it that way LOL

DK said...

lly: I'm saying innit copy :)

Arzhou: My prof even told us not to flatter him. In another words, cannot copy from his notes when doing assignments. Crap.

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