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20 November 2007

>>>SECRETS from Ministry of Defence<<<

Found this document from the Singapore MINDEF (Ministry of Defence) website!!!

Our NAPFA test is coming soon,
here are some websites and forums threads that contains useful information & tips:

Male/Female NAPFA Table (.doc)

The Events In A NAFPA Test (Do’s and Don’t’s)

10 Tips on How to Ace the NAPFA Test

preparing for napfa 2.4km

Help for doing pull ups

sit and reach

How to improve on my standing broad jump?

How to train for Pull Up?

[SG Talk] NAPFA Test tips!!!

Good Luck !!!


Rachel said...

Whoa!!! Earth shattering SECRETS!!! LOLOL. Thanks for the good laugh. :)

mekurukito said...

came across this site;

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