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25 November 2007

Potential iPhone killer, Nokia N98

Nokia N98 Specifications:

  • 7.2Megapix camera with 5x optical zoom!!!
  • 3.5inch 640x480 16.7million colour touch screen
  • Symbian S70 3rd edition OS
  • Quad-band, GPS and Bluetooth 2.0
  • 160MB (phone) + 2GB (memory card)

My Opinion:

One glance at the picture and you know this is a direct competitor of Apple's iPhone. Most noticeably in the specification sheet is the powerful Carl Zeiss 7.2megapix camera with 5x optical zoom. Although this little monster weights 15-grams lighter than the iPhone, but its 160MB memory is nothing as compared to iPhone's massive 8GB (max).

On the other hand, it boasts a VGA touch-screen doubles the resolution of Apple's offering. It's just getting more exciting when this website mentions that the N98 has in-built graphics accelerator and Wifi 802.11b/g/n!! WOW~

Sadly, retail price & availability is still pretty much an unknown.


mekurukito said...

wow an iPhone twin! Touch screen too eh? Is this phone better than iPhone or iPhone better? iPhone is on my wishlist lol..maybe should change it with this one instead? heheh

brian koh said...

bro.. i think this is a hoax

eugenemon said...

Yeah, I agre with brian.

I think maybe there will be something like that in future. At least close to that.

Never heard of symbian S70 3rd edition though. haha

Anyway, nokia will be clever. If the phone is 7.2mp, it will sure need lotsa space for photos. So they will squeeze a 8gb hdd just for fun. Haa! Cheers

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