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09 November 2007

Nuffnang Sucks

Guess which website has the #1 spot on Google for the keyword "Nuffnang Sucks"?

Are you thinking of the infamous why-nuffnang-will-fail blog?
Then you are in for a surprise, click to find out more...

edit: NOT MY BLOG (oops! my mistake)
Btw, I'm not anti-nuffnang (yet).
(Becoz currently they are showing 2 ads on my other blog. =P
Although I prefer Advertlets &

Screenshots: (taken last night)

I was curious how "nuffnang sucks" can end up on my blog,
so I clicked to find out..

Somehow my "Batam sucks" post ended up infront

Worst of all, "Advertlet sucks" was there... *sigh*

so much for search engine algorithm... =X

The exact referral link: HERE


precious said...

o.O so how often do you use the word "sucks" on your blog?!

H said...

If i wanted to use Nuffnang Sucks, will it not crawl the web? I do not think they suck. But i just think they will fail. Try Nuffnang Fail in google.

iCalvyn said...

some time i feel their earning are so low... waste my space only

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