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12 November 2007

SECRETS of Widgetbucks Revealed

In the post, I'll reveal to you the Secrets of Widgetbucks.
Together, we shall find out which type of ad will earn you the highest CPC...

First of all, taken from the top performer of Widgetbucks:

Quick analysis:
Quite obviously, Movie is the worst paying ad of all, even though it has the highest click-rate.
On the other hand, MP3 players ads pays more than 6 times that of Movies - 43cents/click. Do note that the currency is in USD.

Second, we look this very "green" blog:

Quick analysis:
Consumer electronics ads tops the chart!!
Laptop, PDA, Digital camera paying 45cent, 43cent and 42cents respectively.
But then again, the same trend occurs - Movies has the highest click-rate!
Also, I'm quite surprised that Strollers is the blog's top earning ad.

Last but not least -- mine (-_-)"

Quick analysis:
Firstly, stop laughing at my pathetic earning, I only signed up for a week ok?
Nothing much to see actually, but once again, consumer electronic is confirmed to have the highest CPC.

I would recommend putting either Movie ads (due to its high click rate),
and Laptop ads, because it pays the most.
But then again, it really depends on the demographics of your visitors and the nature of your blog/site.
Do note that Widgetbucks is a pure CPC program.

Sign up now & get a $25 bonus in your account!!

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mekurukito said...

cool. will check it out :) what's the minimum payout?

LLY said...

The minimum payout is USD50 as stated on the website.

Sign-up bonus is USD25, so you are practically half-way there already. =D

mekurukito said... i read somewhere that you will be paid only if your visitor is from North America or something..

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