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01 November 2007

Microwave Popcorn *yummy*

The following photos may cause drooling over your keyboard =P

Found this box of butter popcorn @ the Westmall's Shop-n-Save,
the last time I had this was like 10years+ ago?!

Just grabbed it from the shelf , $6 then $6 lah... =S

It comes in 3 separate packs,
it says: "3min in a 1000W microwave oven"

No clue about mine, heck la, throw inside then say la, heh~

30 seconds into the clock, the familiar "popping" started

slowly the paper bag expands;
the "popping" intensifies;
buttery fragrance filled the kitchen...

& it kept expanding like a balloon...

and finally... BOOM!!!

just kidding ("p)

yum yum, 2nd best snack for a soccer match! (after Lay's potato chips)


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