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31 January 2009


Some open house thingy, click HERE to register

*while stocks last

27 January 2009

Bao Returns II

Bao returns to Singapore for the 2nd time!

see last year's post here

Kept telling me not to be late & yet she ended up 17 minutes late!!!!!!

Generous serving of wasabi for her...

& then she was so lazy to take out the menu from the drawer below the table she had to call the waiter to do it...

Sushi & more sushi... where's Sya?

we didn't really eat much,

she did!

GeForce 8800GT vs Radeon HD4870 1GB - FarCry2

Recently upgraded my aging 8800GT to the mighty HD4870 with a luxurious 1GB of GDDR5 to play FarCry 2 =)

Bench it with the exact same settings, average result is taken after 3 loops of small ranch.

Get ready for some insane frame rates!

8800GT 512MB OC (713/1728/2000)

HD4870 1GB OC (790/3800)

WHAT?! HD4870 1GB is only 1.4fps faster than 8800GT?!

Test System

Processor: Intel Core2Quad Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz (355x9)
Motherboard: ASUS P5B-E Plus
Memory: 2x1GB Kingston @ DDR2-1066 5-5-5-18
Storage: Hitachi 160GB 7200 SATA2
Power Supply: Coolermaster iGreen 500W
Display: BenQ FP202W 1680x1050 8ms

MSI NX8800GT 512MB OC (T2D512E) @
MSI R4870 1GB OC (T2D1G) @ 790/3800

Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 32-bit DX10
Forceware 180.48 WHQL
Catalyst 8.12
FarCry 2 v1.0


After installing Catalyst 8.12 Hotfix...

the frame rates shoot through the roof!!!

Problem solved.

A better picture with this graph.

Data table of the test results...

other sites on FarCry 2 graphics performance:

Intel Launches Core 2 Duo E8700

Intel has launched a new flagship dual-core processor under its Core 2 Duo series: the E8700. As the number suggests, the new chip will have its FSB multiplier valie increased by 0.5x. Based on the Wolfdale core, the new model has already made it to Intel's ARK information system on its official webpage (found here).

The new chip comes with a clock-speed of 3.50 GHz, with an FSB of 1,333 MHz. The FSB multiplier value on this chip is 10.5, which gives it a 167 MHz increment over the E8600. Despite the high clock speed, it continues to hold a rated TDP of 65W. It features 6 MB of L2 cache and supports all features listed for the Core 2 Duo E8000 series processors. Intel claims that the chip will be available from its end for at least the next two years. It is yet to be listed by popular computer hardware stores, so we could know its availability and pricing. In most likelihood, it could displace the E8600 from its price-point, looking at the way Intel has been dealing with its lineup lately.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 R0 revision

Hoping to not go in the red this quarter, chip maker Intel has revealed its plan to introduce a new revision of its cheapest 45nm quad-core CPU, the Q8200. Currently available in M1 form, the Core 2 Quad Q8200 will transition to the R0 stepping next month, with the new parts set to start shipping on February 23rd.

The R0 Q8200 will feature a halide free package, new S-spec and MM numbers, a CPUID changed from 10677 to 1067A, Power State Indicator (PSI) support with Intel 4 series chipsets, plus three new low power states (Extended Stop Grant State, Deep Sleep State and Deeper Sleep State) and new instructions - XSAVE/XRSTOR. No word on the need for a BIOS update but it's likely that one will be required.


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