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15 November 2007

Tattoo Shop Admits Serving SEC SCH STUDENTS

Came across this on my iGoogle.
This is outrageous!! 14-year-old kids having tattoos!?
I think they've been watched too many episodes of Miami Ink on TV =D

"One 14-year-old, who asked to be called John, said he got tattoos done at a shop near City Hall.

The shop owner, who declined to be named, admitted he does not have any age restriction for customers who want tattoos. The shop often serves secondary school students...

Dr Low Chai Ling from the Sloane Clinic said she once saw a 14-year-old boy with a large dragon tattoo on his back, which he had got without his parents' consent..."

Read the full story @ TheNewPaper website:,4136,147580,00.html


Tattooed Blogger said...

I wouldn't put the blame entirely on the shop. Parents should be bare part of the blame. If parents knew their kids well enough, they would know if their kid has the intention of getting inked. I call this a case of poor upbringing...

I discussed my first tattoo with my folks years ago. Fast forward 15 years and I'm almost covered with tattoos. And I'm still as close to my parents.

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