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22 October 2007

Taste of THINNER in Vitasoy

My dad bought a 6-pack Taro flavoured Vitasoy from dunno which supermarket:


Just like any other drinks, I pop-ed in the straw & took a sip.
Nothing special, flavouring is damn artificial...

Ok, so I swallowed it down, but then,
an unmistakable smell of thinner lingers in my mouth,
made me feel sick to the stomach... *yuck*

Immediately, I asked my dad to try it, he said its normal leh..
Opened another packet & try, same effect... =X

Is there something wrong with my taste buds or what??

strange sight:
big flock of swallows circling outside my window

Promised to make mr.dvd famous, pls visit his (pathetic) blog @

Anyway, I can't understand why ppl like to use long-a$% phrases & hard-to-spell words as web address (url)

wheresmyserendipity(19)+blogspot(8)+com(3) = 30 characters
as compared to
LLY(3)+get(3)+to(2) = 8 characters

tell me which one is easier to remember?

update: mr.dvd changed his blog url to after reading this post =P


DK said...

My friend actually likes the Taro flavoured vitasoy. I never tried before, can't comment much. But I usually don't take drinks with weird colour.


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