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25 October 2007

Happy Birthday XR

Happy birthday to XR!!!

think she went to sentosa or sth,
quite badly burnt by the sun,
see she like blushing 24/7 liddat, LOL (see photo)

stupid classmates sabo me stand in front sing bd song (-_-)"

from the person who doesnt eat chicken skin
WRONG! It's not Seb...

is mr.dvd from

the lousy,

the noob,

and the pro

Lani & Ade preparing the cake

so reluctant...

the guy who brought monopoly board game to sch..

faster come over sing bd song lah...

didn't know its Brandon's bd too...

reminds me of KungFu Hustle that 狮吼功

"how many times muz i tell u,
my fren's name is not call Marco!!!"

bd boy & bd girl,
kiss! kiss! kiss!

nv kiss, not fun one...

Seb, got cockroach on the floor isit?

WSNA lesson, nth much...

Later went run 2.4 with Ah Long & dvd,
my new personal record: 9min50s

dug out my sec sch report book,
miss my glorious past =P

last but not least, mr.Mao!!!


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