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30 October 2007

WORST Ice Teh Award

Dunno which idiot's idea was it to eat SEAFOOD @ QUEENSWAY,
but my gut feeling tells me its either Jianhuiii or Jianhuiii =P

Changed of plan on my way there,
met Seb to eat @ Tanjong Pagar instead...

Ordered an ice teh,
the stall no business yet it took forever to brew 1 mug...

Absolutely disgusting, taste like longkang water,
Seb agreed with me *YUCK*

should really try it before commenting on my blog...

Therefore I decided to present this store:
The WORST Ice Teh Award =)

Found the sperm drink in NTUC...

$0.97!??! The bloody co-op sells $1.50 dammit...

kena conned!!!


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