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18 October 2007

Nuffnang = Scam???

"Nuff Nang, a blog advertising stuff, which I thought it might be good as I get to earn money while blogging. However, I do not have more than 20 unique visitors so I am not qualified. Secondly, it might be a fake and want your personal information like your phone number and address. Anybody who happened to visit this blog can advice me?"

Quoted from my friend's blog:

Firstly, the thought of Nuffnang being a scam site has never came across my mind. Although I felt a little suspicious & wanted to quit after not receiving any Ads after the first 3 weeks. Anyway, from what I've read in the past before I joined Nuffnang, they are actually quite successful over at Malaysia. As a matter of fact, tons of local bloggers have already received and banked in cheques from Nuffnang for the paste few months, how can it be a scam?

In my case, things have changed since it all started. Unique visitors rate are climbing steadily on this blog; and the uniques rate has successfully steadied at around 60 per day over @ 3 weeks worth of ads are 'queuing' to be displayed:

for, and


Hopefully I can prove him wrong,
when the day I bank in my Nuffnang cheque comes (",)

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