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02 April 2008

The Game is DUMB!

No doubt its pretty innovative for to come up with something like this. (I hope the idea wasn't copied from some other sites, but somehow it reminds me of

Anyway, once in a while I got crapped-up screens like this:

Or even worse, it told me "WRONG -1" before I could even read the post title, it happened at least 20 times during the whole thing...

Edit: I'm running on FF & XP Pro SP2 32-bit


uzyn said...

The "bug" is due to incomplete animation, or in other words, you clicked too fast! The JS engine tried to play an animation, but before it could finish it, it has to play another one, causing it to be confused.

Sorry about the "bug".

LLY said...

Lol, thanks for letting me know. I guess there's still room for improvement for the script.

keep it up! ;)

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