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25 April 2008

Now 煮炒 got delivery service!

Only S$1 per order... & what's 煮炒 in English?

(Sorry for the blurry picture, I think my camera lens is scratched)

Now even 煮炒 stall also got delivery. The good thing is that the delivery fee is only S$1. This is more economical when ordering small quantities of food, vis-à-vis McDelivery &'s S$3 delivery charge.

In my opinion, they should have a website to showcase their menu & delivery areas.

Oh btw, what's 煮炒 in English? Google Translator gave me "cook speculation" (-_-)"


Robin said...

yup. LG Secret
dude,i have been banned in your Cbox...

Robin said... gave me
"Boils fries" swt...

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