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21 April 2008

Happy Birthday to Seb

After collecting my prize for NAPFA test, meet them @ IMM Cartel for dinner..

Hi Seb, long time no see...

They ordered some gigantic 5-person party platter meal...


Oh, & that extra I dunno what her name is... LOL

Before these idiots go order waffles or some cake, I had the waiter bring out the cake we've secretly smuggled in earlier on... =P

Seb was so touched that he started crying... (not over the cake pls)

Somehow the cake was tough as a rock...

The reason why this post is much delayed,
took the pics & refuse to send us or post them online!

Which idiot 偷拍 me?

Group photo...

Went Daiso & someone suggested trying to look upskirt this model (-_-)"


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