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13 April 2008

Vertu clones from China

Genuine Vertu phone cost as much as S$580,000 (you can buy two 4-room HDB flats with that money), while the similar looking ones from China cost only S$38...

(€1 = S$2.15, RMB1 = S$0.194

The real stuff...

The Made in China replica...

Tiny, non-touch LCD screen

Quality seemed to have improved since the Vertu clones back in 2002.

Basic features like making calls, texting & MP3 ringtones are there.

Cheap plastic back casing, with a Lamborghini logo at the back,
the set is complete with a replica Nokia BL-5C battery

Photos from:

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John said...

This model is oldest.. newer vertu copys are with most better quality.. You can find those from

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