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04 April 2008

Counterfeit Intel Boxed CPU Part2

Continued from Part 1...

Ways to Distinguish:

1) Packaging

Genuine: Glue is applied in a line; has plastic strap

Counterfeit: A few glue dots only; no plastic strap

Authentic zip seal

Counterfeit zip seal

2) Seal Sticker

Genuine: Glittering dots on the seal sticker & cannot be reused

Counterfeit: Dull in color & reusable

Authentic seal sticker

Counterfeit seal sticker

3) Label

Genuine: One big sticker

Counterfeit: 2 stickers - Hologram is a separate sticker from the rest

Authentic information sticker

Counterfeit information sticker

4) Plastic container

Genuine: Clear in color

Counterfeit: Milky white & flimsy

Authentic plastic container

Counterfeit plastic container

5) Plastic buttons

Genuine: Cannot be reused

Counterfeit: Reusable



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