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26 October 2008

Radeon HD 4830 512MB Review Part1

AMD (ATI) Radeon HD 4830 Review Part1:
Introduction & Specifications

Just-another-card from AMD to cover the price point vacuum between Radeon HD 4670 & HD 4850, as well as to battle with Nvidia's Geforce 9800 GT. This card is based on the RV770LE core, which has 1 cluster of shader processors (usually defective) disabled, bringing the magic number to 640. Where the fully functional RV770 (HD4850/4870) have all the 800.

An interesting to note, AMD confirmed that disabling the cluster is a hardware-cut, so chances are it is impossible for anyone to "revive" the card with a modded BIOS. Let aside the controversy surrounding its "missing shaders", let's take a look at this extracted review:

Graphics cardsHD 4830 512MB (RV770LE)HD 4850 512MB (RV770)HD 3870 512MB (RV670) 9800 GT 512MB (G92)
Core clock 575MHz 625MHz 775MHz 600MHz
Shader clock 575MHz 625MHz 775MHz 1,500MHz
Memory clock
1,800MHz 2,000MHz 2,250MHz 1,800MHz
Bus width, size, type
256-bit, 512MB, GDDR3 256-bit, 512MB, GDDR4 256-bit, 512MB, GDDR3
Memory bandwidth 57.6GB/s 64GB/s 72.8GB/s 57.6GB/s
Process 55nm 65nm/55nm
Transistor count 956mil 956mil 666mil 754mil
Die size 260mm² 260mm² 192mm² 296mm²/230mm²
Peak GFLOPS 736 1,000 496 504
ROPs 12 16 16 16
110W 110W 105W 105W

Part1: Introduction & Specifications
Part2: Test System, 3Dmark06 & Vantage
Part3: CoD4, Assassin's Creed, HL2:EP2
Part4: CoH, WIC, FEAR, UT3


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