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01 October 2008

AMD Athlon X2 5400+ Black Edition Review Part2

AMD Athlon X2 5400+ Black Edition Review Part2:
PCmark, 3Dmark Vantage & Cinebench

A rather proportional increase in performance as clock speed increases. The 5400+ about 7% faster on average over the 5000+ in PCmark Vantage, resulting 7.7% increase in clock speed.

The test result found on 3Dmark Vantage resembles the earlier one, about 8% increase in performance.

Cinebench R10, the biggest beneficiary of the 3, taking a 10% performance bump from the extra 200Mhz.

Everybody's favourite number crunching benchmark, the SuperPI.
The latter is 6.85% slower.

Part 1: Introduction, Specifications & Test Platform
Part 2: PCmark, 3Dmark Vantage & Cinebench
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