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30 November 2008

GeForce 9600GSO vs 9600GT: Introduction

GeForce 9600GSO vs 9600GT: Introduction

GeForce 8800GS was an unpopular product when it was launched. Nvidia simply injected a doze of 9-series (marketing) magic into it and, *poof!* 8800GS evolves into 9600GSO overnight. What changed? Just the name, same G92 core with 96 shaders running on 192-bit memory interface remained unchanged. But this time round, card makers are given more freedom in designing their own custom PCB, the amount of memory, as well as the clocks.

The official clocks for GeForce 9600GSO is 550/1375/1600 (core/shader/memory), which is exactly the same as 8800GS, yet slightly lower than the announced reference clocks of 580/1450/1400 earlier on. I guess this move will encourage partners to come out with more profitable overclocked editions.

Do note that Forceware 174.14 WHQL can support GeForce 9 series products as well as MCP78 chipset. The only difference is that Forceware 174.88 added in support for the 9600 GSO.

Some Pictures




Page 1: Introduction

Page 2: Specifications Compared
Page 3: Test Platform
Page 4: Benchmark Scores


Anonymous said...

Can you make the tests on different resolutions and put 8800 gt 512mb to that test too?

thefork said...

The 900GSO is esentially a rebadged 8800GS. If model patterns for the 9600GSO are similar to that of the 8800GS, most with have 384mb of video ram, not 768mb. So watch out when buying, as the GSOs with 384mb of video ram will presumably be a hair weaker than the 9600GT.

Netraid Sdn Bhd said...

Hi there,

As the Malaysian disty for Gainward, thanks for this interesting "review". But we would like to point out that the pics here are wrong. Please visit to get proper pics of their 9600GSO-768.

Anonymous said...

What a complete cock review. Where did you get your 3dMark scores from? 11k in 1024x768 on a core2 extreme?
I'm getting 2000 more than that in a higher res on an e6600 @ 3ghz with an 8800GT. I really don't think anyone should be close to believing the crap you've posted here with clearly fabricated scores.

Anonymous said...

Actually the 9600gso 768 version is less expensive than an 8800 and runs just as well. The 768 version is worth spending the little extra on over the 384 version or the 9600gt.

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