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09 June 2008

NUFFNANG AD BAND 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The amount is still well within 2-digits, not counting the decimals)

At first glance, I wondered why my 'ranking' rose from Band-22 to Band-25 when I counted less visitors than the previous campaign. So I went to check out the Nuffnang FAQ, it says: "What you earn depends on the number of Average Unique visitors you received in the week that the ad campaign is built."

Erm... Did they changed the rule? 'Coz the last time I checked, it used to be something like "The band is determined by the number of uniques you received in the week prior the ad campaign is served."

Nvm, I will make my donation as promised (in $0.10 to charity per pong/nang) the next time I dine @ mac.

Good luck guys =)


~*Jiamin*~ said...

hahas. grats!

Anonymous said...

so what?

Miel said...

meaning such a high band equals good money for that ad, GRATS!

miel said...

wah my have earned a lot!

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