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13 June 2008

Pepsi Euro

Advertorial – Pepsi MAX

KFC, Long John Silver, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut... What do these restaurants they have in common?

Well, they all serve Pepsi! Everybody loves Pepsi!

And speaking of Pepsi, have you seen their latest advertisement?

(Click HERE if the video above does not work.)

A very creative & imaginative advertisement isn't it? I just love the Fabregas part with the guitar.

Oh, don't forget to catch your favorite Pepsi star in action on Euro 2008.

I can't wait to see Henry (France) take on Holland on Saturday!

So, have you tried the new Pepsi MAX? I can you tell that it taste better than the normal Pepsi.

What's amazing is that it actually contains no sugar!

Definitely a healthier choice for all Pepsi-lovers out there.

Wait, before you go out & grab yourself a Pepsi, you gotta read this first.

Because you stand a chance to win great prizes while you are enjoying your favourite drink.

These prizes include:

  • 4x 52” Full-HD LCD TV (worth $8,999 each),

  • 4x Sony Playstation 3 + latest football game,

  • 10x of CabalSEA Astra Boards,

  • 10,000 limited edition CabalSEA posters &

  • other great prizes worth over $100,000

So what are you waiting for??

Visit for more info & also try out the cool MMORPG game @ CabalSEA.

Check out some of my private Pepsi collection:

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