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24 June 2008

Australia Trip - Part7

Tried to surf net @ Central while waiting for Bao,
found a small button at the login page for Nokia users to click & surf for free =D

Had a quick dinner @ a nearby Jap restaurant,

Bao thought Don (Rice) was Udon (Noodle)

Any trams to Southern Cross?

The fierce inspector targeted the suspicious looking Jianhuiiiiiiiiiii for his ticket

The guy in the background looks a bit like Sya hor?

Oops, forgot to rotate this pic. It's a bad shot anyway, so who cares...

Our ride to Sydney

A handful of candy-mix like this cost S$5+

Thankfully the train is very empty...

After a long, boring & much delayed journey,

We finally arrived @ Sydney!!!

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Which came first, boat or money?

It turned out to be another chicken & egg question...

Crab pots from the old days, look at their sizes as compared to those you see in Deadliest Catch

Lobster traps of Lobster Wars

Exploding harpoon used for whale hunting...

A very difficult to photograph Sydney Spiral, thankfully I got a shot good enough for GE.

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oOFooi said...

Nice shot!!!

♥ Haro ♥ said...

the last picture is nice

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