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25 June 2008

Australia Trip - Part8

The dinner with Bao was the last proper meal I had, so I insisted going to Sydney Fish Market for some good food.

Google Maps: Sydney Fish Market

This photo is selected for Google Earth

Nothing changed since I last came 6 years ago!

Morning's catch on ice, both raw & cooked...

There are also imported seafood

I still remember the taste of this after all these years, yuck!

Half the staffs here speaks Chinese,
& I'm not going anywhere without some fresh seafood!

Tiger prawns & oysters on salad

Grilled scallops

The carnage... but I'm not done yet

I'm determined to spend!

My all time favourite - Salmon sashimi!!!

Bought a 100g, came with wasabi & jap soy sauce...

You simply can't compare this with Sakae sushi...

Solar powered boat...


Just in-time for a free Government House guided tour,
this building is actually still in use.. so no photography is allowed inside..

Google Maps: Historic Houses Trust of NSW

Back to Sydney Central YHA,
4 male share bunk cost A$35/night

Google Maps: Sydney Central YHA

Office building view from the dorm...

Dinner @ nearby kebab store...

Looks like a giant tube of toothpaste yea?

Spent some time exploring the hostel building

Rooftop toilet clean as new...

Walked alone in the streets @ nite until I was outta my map..

See those rows of red flags? CeBit's coming to town!

Ok, I nearly got attacked by some drunk ang moh teenager running half naked on the streets..

Not advisable to walk alone @ night...


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