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22 June 2008

Australia Trip - Part6

On the 3rd day, we bought yet another tram pass & head to the "Factory Outlet District" for some early shopping..

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Crumpler shop

custom-made Crumpler bag in the making...

This unique design will set you back @ A$200 (~S$280)

Lunch @ local fish & chips shop...

no chilli, no ketchup... this is not mcdonald, each pack will cost A$0.20

We finally got into NGV on the 3rd try!!!

Iron curtain

Do you know that Superman is 70-years old?

Mummy casket..

I see a lot of birds...

Very good example of the kind of art I can't appreciate,

and the kind I can...

Contemporary art section, chandelier attached to a compressor..

The double mirror creates illusion of an infinite ladder...

Interesting rubber door stopper @ the NGV gift shop for A$50


After watching some HD shows, we packed & left for Sydney...


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