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26 June 2008

Australia Trip - Part9

Next day, we booked the other hostel @ Glebe

Google Maps: Glebe Point YHA Sydney

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The smell of fresh paint is unmistakable

What a big twin room!

For the same price you only get a bed in a shared dorm back in Sydney Central YHA!

Moreover, it even comes with hot+cold water sink, electric boiler & complementary beverages..

Head down to the nearby Glebe Markets

Google Maps: Glebe Markets

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Long queue for this delicacy, even other neighbouring store owners came complaining that the queue is obstructing their business..

It turned out to be roti prata with a slap of meat & vege

It's you-know-what-it-is again

My phone's camera fails horribly @ night...

Google Maps: Sydney Harbour Bridge

Had dinner @ a Italian restaurant not too far away from Gucci & LV

A$11 (S$15.4) plate of spaghetti

I know it looks like sh*t but it turned out to be the best pasta I ever had!

Millions come to take photos of you-know-what-it-is every years, but

how many stay & enjoyed a real concert? =D

Singapore should impose this too!!

Store owner: "Hey mate, no pictures please!"


Back to the hostel, where the girl next door almost... you know =X


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