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19 June 2008

Australia Trip - Part3

Lamborghini Murcielago: 640 horsepower

Mercedes SLR: 614 horsepower

Toyota Corolla: 132 horsepower

2 horsepower!!!

we visited Bao's school too - University of Melbourne

Bao then brought us to the National Gallery of Victoria --- on the only day of the week that it is CLOSED (-_-)"

Google Maps: National Gallery of Victoria

So we walked to the Shrine of Remembrance, where my phone battery ran dry..

Google Maps: Shrine of Remembrance

The rest of the pics were taken with Bao's digicam:

Nowadays digicam comes weird preset modes like food mode, party mode etc..
This particular one is taken using "glass" mode

Jianhuiiiiiiiiiiii, Bao & LLY

"Jianhuiiiiiiiiiiiii was here"

Sidney Myer Music Bowl

Google Maps: Sidney Myer Music Bowl

Sunset already, time for dinner...

They decided to abandon the very expensive restaurant I booked & head for this Ferrari decorated cafe in Lygon St, which is essentially little Italy.

Google Maps: Cafe Corretto, Lygon St


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