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28 June 2008

Australia Trip - Part10

Next day, Hunters Valley wine tour!!!

I swear our driver looks exactly like Lincoln Burrows of Prison Break!!!

We are not playing Amazing Race, it's a real road block

The driver spent 1-hour going around Sydney picking up passengers... Zzz

Hunters Valley, hunt or be hunted!

Hunters Valley YHA

This photo is selected for Google Earth

Perfect countryside getaway location!

This mini-bus is on strike, we had to move to a bigger & better bus =P

People naturally throw coins into water..

Our first stop, dunno what winery...

1st~6th generation wine makers

Don't buy these, almost every winery sells them...

Staff promoting the most expensive option to us..

My recommendation: the short bottle in the middle, but its a little expensive @ A$35

Wish I can bring that much back to Singapore without getting caught

Second winery where they taught us how to sample the wine..

I'm starting to feel the effects after 8~9 glasses of these...


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